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guardian34 wrote:

I had to set the RewriteBase and change the RewriteRule to:

RewriteRule . rewrite.php [L]

That worked for me as well. Removed the RewriteBase entry and changed the . /rewrite.php to . rewrite.php


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MySQL 4.1.22
MySQL 4.1.20

Looking at the posts above me, it seems it'll be safe to drop 4.0 and lower smile


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What database update script do you mean?

I just noticed this weird little bug:

The same user seems to be online twice..?

Board version: 1.2.15


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Interesting.. but we'll know it soon enaugh smile


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That can be done with JavaScript

<select name="something" onchange="javascript:this.form.submit()">

or something like that..


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Good news and a good choice!

I'm using FF 2.0 on WinXP (with vista style)

And yes, I'm getting the actual php code

I noticed some strange behaviour on this forum today, I'm having the possability to save the php files to my pc (and see the php code)

Screens to show what's happening:
clicking on 'Index'
'Save as' screen

It's probably a server bug, but still..


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maybe tomorrow, maybe within 2 weeks, maybe this year, maybe never..


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try reading the error first..

leave it on localhost, since that's the one that actually makes you connect to the database
the problem is that you need to change database username to the correct username and database password to the correct password


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What error are you getting?


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qie wrote:

Oh,Richard,i can not accept that,that changed so a lot,
because i modified so a lot,so i need re modified and check the file to upload.

just read the hdiff and make all the changes yourself..



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quaker, those errors are telling you that you haven't inserted the right MySQL username and password in rss1.php..


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According to the news today, the material will be destroyed after the police has investigated it.
Irwin's family doesn't want it to be broadcast and they don't want him to get a national burrial either.. (since 'he's just a normal person')


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I use Notepad2 (as notepad replacement)


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hcgtv wrote:

Now is 1 easy and 10 hard or the other way around?

I think he means 1 = good and 10 is bad wink


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What the guy himself said.. (no, he wasn't a 'lead developer and the bombing wasn't the real reason why he quit)

Here are some facts so everybody can stop guessing and hopefully we can put an end to this stupid thread. (although it has been amusing to see these analogies made between me and Linus :)

1. I did have that rant on IRC after coming from bar and reading the news about the UN security council's decision not to condemn the attack on the UN post. The channel was public so I don't hold it against anybody for posting the log.

Doing that I didn't really think anybody was listening, just using the (wrong) channel for getting some steam out. I apologize for the wrong choice of words in "fuck jews" where it should have been "fuck israel". And of course I mean the government of Israel when I say "I'm anti-israel". I have friends who are jews and it does not bother me at all. Hopefully they don't get offended by those remarks I made.. :(

2. I have been in Lebanon (1998-1999) serving as a peacekeeper for one year (+ one day :). In 2004 I served in Kosovo and currently I'm serving in Afghanistan.

3. In Lebanon I did NOT serve in the same post that was bombed. It was an OGL post and I served in UNIFIL. I don't personally know the fellow finnish peacekeeper that died. I know a lot of peacekeepers (from many countries too) and if any of them got killed, I'd feel as bad as if my brother/sister was killed.

4. I am not lead developer of anything. Neither are most of the people listed on zend.com that have this weird generated "CV" from CVS commits added to their profile. (I have complained about it to Zend people at least once :) Most of the work and energy I've spend on getting rid of bogus bug reports. And sometimes even fixing an odd bug here and there..

5. I did quit PHP the project but the bombing of the UN post was just some sort of "last straw". I've been trying to quit the project for a long time. Sounds like a bad habit? Yes, exactly. I just realized that how insignificant it all is. And I really need to concentrate on LIVING more. Hence the quitting. (PHP folks: PLEASE remove the CVS account..otherwise I might get tempted to direct my browser again to the bugs.php.net..). I tried NOT to provoke exactly these kinds of discussions by stating "Do not reply" and not stating what the last straw was. And here we are. :/

I have been shot at/near/over and pointed by guns by both IDF and some lebanese militia(s) and I can assure you that I don't have any warm feelings to neither party right now. Both have been/are killing innocent civilians (for different reasons) and I condemn both for causing the unnecessary deaths of 4 unarmed UN observers. Back in 1999 both sides attacked finnish UN posts. Nobody died just because of very good luck..now we run out of that luck.

Anyway, I'll go enjoy LIFE now.


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you should post a direct link to your forum, since most people here won't be able to read chinese (or japanese, can't read it either)


I like the theme selector


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mephis wrote:

oh , i see , thanks , but i dont see the declaration "categories AS c" in the query statement , is it a feature of mysql database ? or may it be declared somewhere at the beginning ?

nope, it is there: ''.$db->prefix.'categories AS c'

what are you talking about?


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$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
$id = $row['id'];

$id will output the id you got from the database

phpBB is unstable and full of security holes, punBB isn't

^ that's about the biggest reason why I'd always advise other boards over phpBB