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Hey, thanks a lot fot this extension. I will try out and see how this may work for my site.

The url is birdsday.affility.de.
Problem is that I have the punBB chat at this site and the user like to see who is online.
Any suggestions?

I am using the extension "users online" at my forum.

Now the users are complaining that the information are not up to date. Especially while they are using the chat they like to know who is online to contact him.

If I refresh the browse then it seems that the information are updated. But this is very awkward.

Is there a way to update the information in another way?

Thanks, Michael


To get an overview about the new post of a day it would be nice to have an area which is showing the subjects on the top of the page.

Similar to the information you get if you click on the "New posts" bottom but automatically. The will give each visitor a quick overview what's going on today.

Do you have an idea? Is there an extension for 1.4 available.

Many thanks for your help



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most of the users in my forum asking for an internal chat-room.
Is there something available in our community?

It would be nice if a chat room could be installed with an extension.

Thanks for your help



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Thank you so much!

I have installed online_plus and it's doing what I have expected.

Great help


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Thank you for providing this easy working forum software.
we are at the beginning but this is one of the clearest styles we have found for a forum.

Please visit our Budgie Forum http://affility.de/birdsday/.


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Need an extension which is showing all user name of user which were online today.

I tried to find this but without any result. Should be working for PunBB 1.4.2.