when I say variable I mean: $page_title

<title><?php echo $page_title ?></title>

I see there a variable for this, where can I change it's value?


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I agree, same with deleting users, it should re-direct you back to the userlist in the admin page for further purging.

I want to change the title pun displays in my browswer, where is the code located please?
Will it change for all sections of pun; index, admin etc?

and I don't mean: 'topic watch' either

it's more for like when I'm at work and can't be caught surfing the web and looking at private sites
getting an e-mail is less suspicious than say running a feedreader or Google Reader and checking it every 15 mins while my boss looks at my screen etc

thanks in advance!

will RSS feed capabilites be built into 1.3 as a core feature?
i.e. should I wait a bit for this???


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how do I change the version number in the conf table?
I don't know how to edit my database manually?


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I made the changes manually using the hdiff
When I go into the admin section, under 'Statistics' it shows:

    PunBB version
    PunBB 1.2.13 - Check for upgrade
    © Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Rickard Andersson

The version still shows as: 1.2.13 - even though I changed it as in the hdiff
what am I doing wrong?
I tried surfing to www.foo.com/forum/install.php
but it says forum is already installed...

PunCMS - did it ever get done...?
I need it so badly smile


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once you delete a user you really want to be redirected back into 'Users' under 'Admin' section to delete the next one


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I want to be able to change that e-mail address and the World Wide Web Owner 'from:' name.


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I have specified my 'Webmaster e-mail' as my gmail address under the Options section, but it's not using that, it's using this:

World Wide Web Owner <www@myunixusername.mydomain.com>

I did some searching and someone else had a similar problem in another thread, but it didn't get resolved.

Thanks Rickard, that did it!

Rickard wrote:

Users are activated the first time they log in. The problem here is that the user can't log in because he/she doesn't have a password. Just reset the user's password and e-mail it to him/her.


A few users have signed up when my server's e-mail/smtp was down.
How can I manually activate them...or re-send them a confirmation e-mail?

Thanks in advance!