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Is there any English version?
Also, What is the change logs?

Thank you.


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I am using Punbb in the Persian language, as you know Arabic and Persian is using the same characters, so I don't have any problem.
I think the main problem is in your database and you need to fix that. make sure it is utf-8


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Hello Sanchell ,
1.  There is no default such thing but there is an extension for this feature out there ( such as Broadcast email for punbb 1.3 - maybe its work with new version )  http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … castemail/
2 . The best way to insert picture for me is uploading somewhere and use BBCode image tag [IMG  ..] to display the image ...  like this http://getpunbb.ir/assets/img/responsive.png

3. Please provide a demo link , i didn't catch what exactly do you mean


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if you have older version on your host , first of all , backup your old data by zipping them into a file , then backup from your database , after that you can replace new punbb files on old ones , then go to admin and run db_update.php like this >>> www.yourforum.com/admin/db_update.php and follow instruction .


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I think, you have to change your username and password of your database in config.php


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Trace wrote:


Flarum is a modern, still developed PunBB.

But Flarum is beta version , maybe it has security issue


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I used both of them and i think phpBB is best open source forum , but main question is what do you need ?
Do you need a simple , fast and powerful for administrator and users , PunBB is the best one .
If you need  a big forum and more functionality , phpBB is great solution ...

Hello ,
i have problem with sending email vial forum form , in English language everything is OK , but when forum is in Persian language , the received mail is empty with =?UTF-8?B??= Subject .
Anyone can help me plz ?


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Thank you Chaosmaker


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Update your database to disappear this alert .

type e.g : www.yourforume.com/admin/db_update.php


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Yes , this Alarm persists , I don't know why but this is not big deal


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There is a little bug in 1.4.4 , maybe
I install new version , but the new version alarm is still showing
Administrator Alerts
PunBB updates: A newer version of PunBB, version 1.4.4, is available for download


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What a good news , Thank you smile


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There is no pity for this , you can translate to Tajik if you want .
Then create a forum in Tajik , just like this smile


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Is it OK to use old extensions for PunBB 1.4.3 ? such as some extensions for PunBB 1.3.4 .



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What ?! hmm

I can't understand you , could you speak English plz ? smile

Do you need something for Tajiki language ?


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Nope , It is Persian ( Farsi ) , but Tajik is very similar to modern Persian .

for more information . look at following link , i google it smile

Hello ,

Did you try it offline ?
I say first upgrade punbb 1.3.4 to 1.4 then to 1.4.3 ... on localhost , then test it on live site in new folder .



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Thank you ,

It's OK now , Repository support tgz for extracting on server ( i guess ).

Everything is alright now , i create 3 type of file ZIP - 7Z and TGZ  and put them in one folder , just like PunBB .

you can test it and see the result .
PunBB Farsi Repository


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Thank you again , i found out how it works ... just i needed to an XML file smile
Also i need to convert ZIP to TGZ archive


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Thank you PanBB ,

I did that , but how can it recognize ZIP files ?
Is there any structure like creating manifest for all files in one folder ??



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Since i am translating PunBB extensions , i need to create Persian repository in my website , so how i can create a repository section in my website and with using  pun_repository extension shows only translated extension  ?

any help appreciated



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Download Jalali date for PunBB 1.4.x By Foad Tahmasbi

Hello ,

I donno , Maybe because of changes in style .
empty your browser cache and try again .
BTW, do you have this issue in management segment or whole of forum ?