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oh. who got pwnt now? ME OF COURSE! yikes


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omg, they tore off the punbb copyright, it doesnt say richard did it, how HAPPY. a big company pwned pun. this could be called pwndBB

Hi! This is what i found

TR.iredirect DIV.icon {BORDER-COLOR: #F1F1F1 #F1F1F1 #F1F1F1 #F1F1F1}
DIV.inew {BORDER-COLOR: #0080D7 #0065C0 #0058B3 #0072CA}

But how do i modify it for my image?

for example i want it to be bullet1.gif instead of that square image, how do i edit it?

Please help sad

But when ur the admin and you wanna see how's your forum health, and what categories are most viewed, you could do some marketing optimization on the most viewed categories and make the ROI higher! smile

Not everyone runs 66mhz servers tongue

Hi, how do i change this? I guess its css but in what file must i find it sad


I hope someone can help sad


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I just installed PunBB and got myself a setup for my new forums, ServerDebate.com

check it out


It would be great to see how many people are viewing the topic. like 

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That would be really neat, i hope it gets throught!