Hm... As far I know the fluxbb plugins are not compatible with punbb. In fact they are very different. And since punbb 1.3 introduced new extensions system the differences are even greater.


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1. The restriction "one link per post" is not part of the core. It must be an extension, but I don't know which one it is. If you need this feature, you will have to wait until punbb stuff answers.

2. This is possible, but requires some programming skills. Basicaly you will have to synchronize your external db and the users table from punbb. Whenever you add a new record to your external db, you should add a record to the punbb table and vice versa. This can be acomplished with fe. mysql triggers or php. Totally possible for an avarage developer or server admin.

3. The guys are regullary commiting stuff on github (unfortunately in russian, so I don't know exacly what they are doing and it is hard for me to contribute).
The project is not abandoned, and it won't be in the nearest future. There is simply not much to do, because all core funtionalities are working fine and new features are provided by extensions. The last two updates to the core added RWD for mobile and support with the newest php version.
If you find a bug and report it in this forum, I am sure it will be properly handled by our russian friends smile

Search engine work a little differently. Words form posts are extracted and saved into table "search_words" and "search_matches". Punbb does't perform full-text search within all posts ever submitted (that would kill the server), instead it looks throgh indexed tables mentioned above.

I am afraid it will be hard to achieve your goal.


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

it can load multiple images?

um... yes, of course.

ok, I have upgraded the extension one more time. Just unzip the downloaded file to the "extensions" folder, then log in as administrator and upgrade the extension (I have added new hooks, so upgrade must be done).

Unfortunately we have to know the extension of the images from the url. Otherwise we would have to download *everything* that occurs in the img/url tags. I figured that checking the files' extension works just fine, the only thing I could do is to improve the regular expression responsible for finding them.


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Hi, I have corrected the problem you mentioned.

You are probably talking about my extension: om_images.


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Can you provide us an image? I won't be hard, but I need to know exacty, what you want to achieve.

The forum 1.4.3 is nearly 100% compatibile with its previous version (1.4.2). All extensions will work. I will be suprised if you will find an extension that is not working.

You shouldn't blame forum for that, but your smtp server. Probably it is just configuration problem. You may also be intrested in using smtp relays like mailjet or sendgrid.


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You problably mean subforums. You can take a look at my extension called om_subforums.

1. Download this om_subforums-0.0.4.tar.gz
2. Extract it into ~/extensions and rename the directory to "om_subforums"
3. Go to administration panel and install the extension


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Have you tried to rebuild the search cache?

Go to Administration -> Management -> Rebuild Index

Don't give up, there must be a solution tongue


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Great! Can you tell us, where exacly have you put this code? I assume it is next to the hook po_pre_add_post? Am I right?


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It is very problematic task. Many extensions are copying the user ids to their own tables and put restrictions on them. Let's say users may not send PM to themselfs (pun_pm) - what should we do with messages of users we want to merge? Delete? There is also "thanks for post" (om_thanks) - user can't add thanks to his own posts, and much more.

In my opinion it doesn't make sense to preapare a script/extension to automate this process. You will have to merge users manually by changing records in your database. Generally you will have to remove one record from table users, in the other tables replace the ids of columns: user_id, poster_id, sender_id, receiver_id, etc.


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I am not sure if this extension fully is compatibile with punbb 1.4.2, but quick-quote functionality seems working. You have to place the post id in the quote tag. The changes in the file pun_quote/script.js are required.

Lines 169, 178 and 183 of script.js begin with:

var quote = '[quote=' + pun_quote_authors[qid_param] + ']'  ...

Must be like this:

var quote = '[quote=' + pun_quote_authors[qid_param] + '  ' + qid_param + ']'  ...

Note double space in the code above.

just don't change line 285, and you will keep the order of pages, but it in my opinion it looks weird.


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you can achieve that by replacing two lines of code in viewtopic.php

line 285:
    'ORDER BY'    => '',
change it to:
    'ORDER BY'    => ' DESC',

line 320:
    'ORDER BY'    => ''
change it to:
    'ORDER BY'    => ' DESC'


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Gregoric wrote:

The pun_pm extension required a fix as well;

Just remove #e modifier from this method, it is not needed. The code should looks like this:

$str1 = preg_replace('#^Re\[(\d{1,10})\]: #u', '\'Re[\'.(\\1 + 1).\']: \'', $str);


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This is exacly, what I have corrected. If you want to use php >= 5.5, you have to:

1. Download branch 1.4-next

2. Replace these files:

good luck smile


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I know that the community is relatively small compared to fluxbb, but in my opinion punbb is much better written. That's the main reason, why I have decided to create some extensions for this forum engine, not for them. For the last 2 years were no new releases, because there is no need for that - the core should be small, simple, and stable. Security errors, bugs will be fixed, if someone finds them. And if you are looking for new functionalites, use extensions.

I don't say that punbb is perfect. In the new release of punbb I would love to see oxygen style rewritten to less/sass with responsive ui (media queries) and support for 3rd-party repositories of extensions. But even without that, punbb is great, runs extremaly fast on my machines and produces really small server load.

You were right - the extension included js files in the wrong way. I have corrected that, now it should work without any more problems smile

I am not able to help you, until you provide more details - whole warning text with file and line number, what are you doing when it happens, etc.

You can probably bypass this restriction with curl.

// instead of
$data = file_get_contents($url);

// use this
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$data = curl_exec($ch);


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You can always read the data directly from your database, it is not so complicated.

Several people asked me already about plugin for facebook login, I will consider to implement this.


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Ok, done. Now i will try to fix the problems, I have mentioned earlier.