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I have some free time, so I decided to spend it by improving punbb. I have created a patch, that removes deprecated preg_replace #e from parser.php, and refreshes the opcache (enabled by default in php-5.5).

After this patch, the forum works perfectly with php-5.5 (of course without extension).
http://dev.poldrag.katowice.pl/distfile … p5.5.patch

If the punbb developers agree, I would also like to correct the problem described here, and one other problem that I haven't even reported (in viewtopic.php line 286 posts are ordered by post.id, and in line 55 the time is used to derermine the post's page number).


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Check this:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -hide-tag/

There is a function for deleting an user's avatar in include/functions.php, it is called delete_avatar(). This function is visible globally, so you can use it anywhere in your addon. Setting an avatar will be a little more complicated, because there is no function for such action, you will have to write this code yourself. It is not complicated, you just need to upload file into avatar directory and then run a simple update on table users. You should analyze the file profile.php lines 1079 - 1220, there is the code responsible for setting an avatar.

If you need any help, just ask. I will be glad to help you with coding smile


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Hm... in my opinion this is not a problem with om_medals. Btw. pun_quote is an extension of punbb 1.3. Try to disable extensions one by one, and you will see which extension is causing toubles.


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um... I don't know what do you want? I am not sure if forumactif is even using punbb - this might be their forum software with the layout design copied from punbb. You can easly manage everything without any additional extension and control panel - move topics/posts, ban users, etc.

Not sure if this will work for all styles, all browsers. You have to add following lines to the end of the main css file, f.e. Oxygen.min.css:

div#brd-index.brd-page ul.item-info li.info-lastpost cite,
div#brd-index.brd-page div.item-subject p,
div#brd-viewforum.brd-page ul.item-info li.info-lastpost cite,
div#brd-viewforum.brd-page div.item-subject p
{ display: inline; padding: 0; margin: 0; }

div#brd-index.brd-page div.item-subject h3,
div#brd-viewforum.brd-page div.item-subject h3
{ display: inline; }

Take a look at the README file in the newest version of punbb. There is a section describing the upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4. In short:

1. backup everything (files, database)
2. replace files of punbb 1.2 with punbb 1.4
3. run http://your-domain.com/admin/db_update.php

EDIT: Next time, please have a little patience. I don't know where are you come from, but you have posted this question at 5:00 AM in my country ^^


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I would help you, if I knew what your problem is. I don't understand your post hmm

You will have to modify the extension responsible for "back to top" by adding a condition for mobile devices. The simplest solution is to copy this condition from kt_mobile/manifest.xml and apply it for all hook's in "back to top", like this:

    if($forum_user['kt_mobile_enabled'] && preg_match('/an VERY_LONG_REGEXP |zte\-/i',substr($useragent,0,4)))
        // old hook content

This is very poor solution, this extensive condition should be placed in a function, but it will work smile


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1. download - https://github.com/MioVisman/punbb_exte … master.zip
2. unzip, and copy the directory sva_mediajs into your forum, into /extensions
3. login in as administrator
4. go to administration -> extensions, and install the extension

good luck smile

I am afraid that punbb is not the software you are looking for. Of course is possible (gezz... everything is possible), but many changes in the source code will be required. Punbb is not designed to be executed in multiple instances, many core functions must be rewritten, in my opinion it is not worth - better find something else. sad


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This extension checks if user is using adblock or not. If adblock is detected, the user is redirected to error page. The extension just loads script given by Kan1988 in the first post of this topic. Useless extension in my opinion, but very simple, so I helped tongue


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sva_Media.js - this extension automatically replace all video links into video player.

cookie_lifetime = 0 is correct. The session cookies will be valid until the user closes his browser. And I have no idea how this problem may be related to url scheme. Weird.... o.O  Maybe try to replace files in /include/url from the clean punbb?

It looks like the session support is disabled in php. Go to this page mobilabredband.se/forum/admin/index.php?action=phpinfo and investigate values that starts with session, especially "Session Support", "session.cookie_lifetime", "session.save_handler", "session.save_path". You can also check, if there is disk space left in the /tmp directory of the server.


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I have created an extension for you: om_detect_adblock.


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It depends on your selected "theme". The default theme is called Oxygen and all its files are located under directory /style/Oxygen. The easiest way to change the background is by adding this line at the end of Oxygen.min.css:

body {background-image:url("my_image.png");}

Of course you must also upload the file my_image.png into style/Oxygen folder. You can read more backgrounds and css on w3schools. Take a look at these examples: one, two, three.

Good luck smile

Are you talking about the punbb 1.2? Punbb 1.2 is obsolete (since 2005), it shouldn't be used anymore, please download the version 1.4 tongue

....if you are using punbb 1.4, create topics in the troubleshooting for 1.4.

You have to copy the folder called "sc_wysiwyg" into extensions. You will need also the extension pun_jquery.

Your directories should look like this:

...and so on...

EDIT: I don't know what version of forum you are running? 1.2 or the newest 1.4.2? Screenshot you provided shows pun_bbcode for 1.4.2.

If pun_bbcode is not enough, try this extension: WYSIWYG editor (SCEditor) or this one: om_markitup.

To install an extension for punbb, you have to copy it into folder "extensions" and activate it in the administration panel.

You want to display avatars as favicon? This is very weird idea, don't you think? This shouldn't be hard, you will need to look into the file header.php.


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Administration -> Users -> Bans. Leave the field empty and click "Add ban". On the next page you can specify the ip addresses and ip ranges separated with commas. You can also choose the message for banned ip and expire date (empty = never expires).

I am running a forum for 1.5 year and I have not a single spam registration. You should install an extension that prevents bots from registration f.e. pun_stop_bots.

You can always create a group that represents the combination of groups. For example, you can create a group called "Staff & Volunteers" and give it appropriate rights.

Something similar you may observe in this instance of forum:
- Emme is Style Creator
- I am an Extension Developer
- Kushi is Style creator & Extension Developer


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mhozhabri, you should at least describe your problem. Without proper description it is very hard to find out, what is causing the problem. Use google translator, if you don't speek english and/or attach some screenshots. Tell us when the problem occurs, what happens, which browser are you using, etc.


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It sounds like a database issue. I have no idea how could that happen (especially when you haven't done anything), anyways your database is probably outdated. You may try to reinstall the plugins, they should repair themselfs, but you will also lose the data (medal assigments, thanks) hmm

Can you tell us which extensions have you installed? There are at least 2 diffrent extensions for medals and for thanks. And copy here, what exacly debugger said. Maybe it can be fixed without reinstalling anything.