It's pun_colored_usergroups.

Check extensions from:
- … additions/
- and … xtensions/

You have to change the style in profile -> settings. Read this post.

This is the forum for punbb 1.3 wink For 1.4.2 check these extensions:
- k_fields
- developer_heloper
- om_profile_about

Are you looking for an extension for punbb 1.3? You may try this out: … r-profile/


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Have you even read my first post in this topic? You can always ask google for error_reporting, it doesn't hurt.

You can change php.ini (read more here … ration.php) or in /include/essentials.php disable deprecated warnings.

/* essentials.php line 64-67 - old version
if (defined('FORUM_DEBUG'))
    error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
/* new version */
if (defined('FORUM_DEBUG'))
    error_reporting(E_ALL ^ (E_NOTICE | E_DEPRECATED | E_STRICT));

Of course the best solution will be to avoid php 5.5 for a while.


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Probably your new host doesn't support the function mail in php. You will need to configure smtp server in Administraction -> Settings -> Email.


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Heh.... I am running out of ideas. Maybe cache directory is not writable/readable? You may try to chmod /cache and (if exists) /cache/cache_censors.php to 777.


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hm... and if you put the die instruction a little futher. f.e.  at 10-th line,  22-th line, 27-th line, etc.

 * Word censor management page.
 * Allows administrators and moderators to add, modify, and delete the word censors used by the software when censoring is enabled.
 * @copyright (C) 2008-2012 PunBB, partially based on code (C) 2008-2009
 * @license GPL version 2 or higher
 * @package PunBB



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It won't happen soon. We have to wait until the version 2.0 of punbb is released or even longer. punbb doesn't use any template system, which make this forum run faster, but it also make integration with bootstrap extreamly troublesome.


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1. first of all, check if file admin/censoring.php really exists.
2. insert "die('something');" at the begining of censoring php, to check if file is invoked.


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No problem, but I still think, that you should just disable these warnings in the php.ini.

patch: parser.patch
parser.php: parser.php


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I have already mentioned this problem in the post:

I you have a choice, I suggest to use php 5.4 or lower. And if you really must have the newest version of php, you should disable deprecate notification in you php.ini for example: error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT

You may also turn them off for this particular file, by adding this line just below the hook: ($hook = get_hook('ps_start')) ? eval($hook) : null;

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ (E_DEPRECATED | E_STRICT));


Allows administrator to delete reports.

Download (current):


I am having weird warning:
Warning: require(./extensions/quadric_image_assistant/../pun_attachment/include/attach_func.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/punbb/extensions/quadric_image_assistant/upload.php on line 34

Don't you think, you should add some more dependencies or copy this code into your extension?


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I have corrected the bug. I hope the extension will work now without problems.


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Inside rewrite.php, add these 2 lines right after ($hook = get_hook('re_page_not_found')) ? eval($hook) : null;:

include FORUM_ROOT.'custompagenamehere.html';

Warning system based on points and rules.

Download 0.0.2 (current):

moderator permission moved to group config.

Note: My biggest extension so far. Several people asked me for this. I hope they will like it smile

Screenshots: … nings1.png … nings2.png … nings3.png … nings4.png … nings5.png … nings6.png … nings7.png … nings8.png


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I have problem to reproduce this.

1. What exacly have you done: deleted post, deleted topic, deleted forum, purge forum?

2. Did someone give "thanks" for the deleted post?

3. Were you logged in as administrator or moderator?

I am working currently on different extension, when I finish I will investigate the bug.


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You have to login as administrator, then find user using "user list". In the last section (administratoin) you will see option for deleting users with or without his posts. Unfortunately you have to delete users one by one.

It is quite complicated procedure and I don't recommend to delete these users directly using SQL. But if you must, don't forget to:
- delete the record from table users
- delete from tables subscriptions, forum_subscriptions, online where user_id is his id
- delete all records from table posts where poster_id is his id
- delete all topics which first_post_id refers to post of this user
- fix moderators in table forum, if the deleted user was moderator
- at the end delete all files in cache folder

If this forum is new, I suggest to install it once again. This time don't forget about installing extensions like pun_stop_bots or something.


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The key file is here: config.php. You have to set variable $base_url to your current domain, f.e:

$base_url = 'http://'.$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST].'/forum';


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If you want to change all the links in forum from "/user/123" to "/user/username", it will difficult.

But if you want just a new bbcode tag, or you want to detect usernames in post messages and link them, this should be possible.


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ah, you wanted to clear all messages in shoutbox smile

The messages are removed automaticaly after some time. It is 60 min by default, but you can change it in settings. F.e. you may set it for 0 minuts, refresh main page (now the cache will be removed), then change the setting back to 60 minuts.


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unpack, copy to the folder "lang", change settings in the panel

unpack, copy to the folder "styles", change settings in the panel

Maybe you have downloaded translation/styles for different version of forum. If you downloaded a ver. 1.4.2, you have to get translation for versions 1.4. Same with the styles.

Sorry for late answer, but maybe someone will find it useful.

I think the problem is not in the punbb, but in your nginx settings. Nginix redirects all pages to https which contains "login" in url. You have to investigate your nginx configuration file carefully. In my opinion you should generate a certificate and host your website in both protocols (your website will be more secure).

If you manipulate a variable base_url, you may host your forum in both http and https. Of course you have to change localhost to your domain smile

// only http support
//$base_url = 'http://localhost/punbb';

// http and https support
$protocol = (!isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) || strtolower($_SERVER['HTTPS']) == 'off') ? 'http' : 'https';
$base_url = $protocol.'://localhost/punbb';