Visman wrote:

in css

1. set background: url("URL TO IMAGE") repeat scroll center top #3b3b3b; for body

2. add opacity: 0.9; for .brd .gen-content, .brd .main-content

I appreciate your effort. But this code is not simplified. Please just paste code and I will copy paste into CSS.

I'm using Oxygen.

Can someone please help with the code and also where I will put the code in my forum script.

I believe this features should be available now on PunBB as they are really essential instead of the email notification for reply.

Mention and Followed Topics will be very nice. The Mention will allow users to know when they are quoted or literally mentioned on any topic. While the Followed Topics will allow users to see the topics they are currently following.   

If anyone already made these extensions, please post link to download here.



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Visman wrote:

I think that the style file. Search for code like this

body {
    font-size: 100%;


I mean for posting. The font is small. And it will be stressful to always have to change font size everytime someone wants to post.

What font-size do I edit in CSS?

And for example, if the current font-size is: 1.084em, what do I change it to, in order to be size=13 ?


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I want to change size permanently in source. Where do I go?

Still waiting...

Nobody to help out??? Even if I'm to pay for this, I won't mind. It's important to my forum and myself.

I need someone who can help me write this extension code for advertisement (not adsense). This will be controlled by me via admin and will upload advert images myself.

I need it urgently.

Please see example image below...

Waiting assistance urgently.



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It should be included beside the new posts and active topics. If anyone knows how to do this or make extension to achieve this, it would be great.


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keeshii wrote:

Tell me if I am mistaken. You want to have the list of topics, which:
- you are subscribed to
- have at least one reply

In my opinion it is nearly the same as list of subscripsion from a profile, isn't it?

Yes. I think I'll just create a link to the subscribed topics.


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Stowaway wrote:

Im surprised there is no native way to subscribe to threads besides email alerts.

Subscribing to threads, and then clicking the button to see which subscribed threads have replies..

the absence of this feature is almost reason for me to choose a different forum software.

Finally somebody understands me.


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It's already included and it's nice. not everyone likes to click.

Thanks KarDo. This is nice.


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My contribution to this extension is that, administrator will not always be available to quickly approve posts or not to. Some posts may require urgent approval which may not be good if they are not quickly approved.

So my suggestion above seems the best, and an extension of that nature will make a very big sense.


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The extension that I expect to see on punbb, is the ability for admins to hide inappropriate posts. If a user's post is inappropriate, admin will hide the post and it will show "This post was found inappropriate, and it has been hidden."

And should be somehow collapsed.

Please wait, a punbb staff will attend to you soon.

Where else can I download this extension? The original link for download is dead.

jry wrote:

So I uploaded the whole kt_mobile folder to /extensions/ and installed it. But when I navigate to my forum on my phone it just gives me a blank page. What am I doing wrong?

Same problem I got. So I disabled it.


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dimkalinux wrote:

Rolex, hulkshare will be added in the next version.

Ok, thanks so much.


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Can you please add hulkshare media to it? SoundCloud blocks for copyright even without any case. They just automatically disable the content after upload. It is bad.


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Is it from admin or from profile you changed it? If you changed through administration, you have only changed default theme for your forum. You have to change from your profile to take effect.


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Please in update, please align youtube screen video to centre.

Ok, I can understand.

@Kushi, sent you a PM and you didn't reply.


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Okay, cool.

On the other side, regarding my PM, I'll be waiting for you to help get it done as I explained. Thanks.