is the newest, one with the most options and most stable version

that plugin works, but it gives the wrong # of pruned users, it told me 0 but it cleaned up several

good plugin though wink

wow this plugin rox smile it needs to be part of the core in 1.3

notepad++ or crimson editor

dreamweaver is good and will end the stuff for u automatically, but i recommend you learn your css by heart first

It seems to work here are the changes needed to make it work in 1.2.15 (this are changes to the readme for install notes)

#MODIFIED: modify the versions line in install_mod.php to look like this
$punbb_versions    = array('1.2', '1.2.1', '1.2.2', '1.2.3', '1.2.4', '1.2.5', '1.2.6', '1.2.7', '1.2.8', '1.2.9', '1.2.10', '1.2.11', '1.2.12', '1.2.13', '1.2.14', '1.2.15');

#MODIFIED: look for the following in function set_default_user()

    global $db, $db_type, $pun_user, $pun_config;


    global $db, $db_type, $pun_user, $pun_config, $cookie_name, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain, $cookie_secure, $cookie_seed;

I modified what versions it was looking for and tried it but it didnt let me register. However I'm thinking I may have missed a line or something while modifying some files.

FIgured I'd ask again before I spend another 30min modifying my stuff again, i had to undo it all to make things work.

Here is the plugin in question:

cuz i didnt want to go through the hassle of modifiying stuff for the plugin to work tongue


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i dont understand the reason for the fork?

unless you made a ton of modifications and tons of new features.

what you need to do is make a page with some info on why its better or whats different and then also have a version running online for us to look at also.

from the looks of it, it looks like that OpenLD is a modified version of PunBB, is that what SunBB is?

OpenLD looks very very interesting however

is there a way to do it through phpmyadmin? tongue

sorry im not a database dude

Lets say you had several themes but the later want just one to be used and arent sure if others are using another theme? I want to reset everyone to a specific theme.

ok I'll look into captcha, are there any good captcha mods/plugins?

ive noticed there a couple but i dont know which ones work the best and work with the newest verison

ok good point, I guess I was thinking the cross-domain stuff might help with spam, doh

how about checking the DNS records for the email address to make sure the domain exists? I do that on an email form i use, granted it wouldnt cut down spam much, just another idea

a token that is in the form and must match whats in the session, also I'm gonna set a 15min timeout, I know my code works as I've used it in a email form I have, but I'm trying to hack it into punbb registration

I think we all need to get together and think of ways to fight spam bot registration.

Here are some ideas i have and im got a few from other posts also:

1) use tokens

2) ban certain TLDs  or only allow certain ones

3) ban free email accounts (gmail, hotmail,...)

4) create another database table that holds the registered users until they confirm their email address, and once they confirm their email address add them to the valid user database (although some spammers do confirm their email address)

5) put in "honey pot" form fields and test them for values

6) captcha (text captcha, math captcha, ...)

7) check referrer

granted a lot of those can be overcome rather easily, maybe a combination of all of them would help kill 99% of the spam

feel free to add your ideas

I'm trying out a new hack by putting in a token for registered users on the register form as a PHP Security guru suggests

Unfortunately it seems the way punbb works it wont allow session, i think some stuff is coming in before the session starts even though I put in my session code at the top of register.php

punbb is good but be prepared for spam, one thing ive noticed is that SMF is much better against spam

the spammers have already adjusted their code to this mod, it will still cut down spam by 1% but they are getting through now again


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what TLDs do u think are "safe"?

.com, .net, .org

thats what I plan to use for now, I cant think of any others. Although its wont be long til they just change their code to adjust

youre better off changing the name of the page that does the registration to something else than what the standard punbb gives you, since bots will be looking for it

you might even require a referrer from your domain but that isnt guaranteed to work and it might affect regular users who use tools to stay anonymous

figured it out

If you are trying to prevent spammers from finding your board, u might make it an image and use a rel="nofollow" link and no alt tag with it.

Its not 100% foolproof, it probably only prevents like 5% of spam bots from finding your board but every bit helps.


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i saw it in the options for 1.3 so I'm hoping you guys really help to implement this, most of the time signatures are just the same image over and over, or some little quote they found


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Cool, but I noticed there were no spam prevention options in the Admin

Please include these kinds of things, most apps being built today are doing this because spam has become such a big problem on the web.


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this mod does work pretty good, i still get signups but not as many