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Paul wrote:

Nowhere. We don't want bug reports at all at the moment.

All right, sorry for posting here.. thanks for support smile


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All right, and the bugs where send?

This is a bug from "1165" revision smile

After installed get this error:

The error occurred on line 242 in /MY_PATH/include/functions.php

Database reported: Unknown column 'o.prev_url' in 'field list' (Errno: 1054).

Failed query: SELECT u.*, g.*, o.logged, o.csrf_token, o.prev_url FROM punbb13_users AS u INNER JOIN punbb13_groups AS g ON g.g_id=u.group_id LEFT JOIN punbb13_online AS o ON o.ident='MY_IP' WHERE u.id=1

Thanks smile

I need time to reinstall.

No find bugs, but for installation is get more skill for install this mod.


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Thanks for replies wink

I have found 2 bugs and want report to developers wink


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One question: where I can post one bug found into 1.3-dev?

I haven't understant, but the 1.3 is beta, alpha.. or nothing of this 2?

Hi, I want say if this is the moment for start Traslation of PunBB 1.3.


Yes, but I have tested 1.3-dev and works perfectly.. For me added small features in additional and the result is wonderfull bulletin board wink

This mods have some problems and errors...

I have decided when I have more free time to change some code for more semplicity and compatibility.

Thanks for links smile


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Sorry for wrong forum...

All right, now download 1.3 branch and testing some mod for prepare this project..

Thanks smile


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Hi to all skinned developers, I'm have a good idea: Why not create a Team for approve good MODs?

I have found more problems for use the released mods, for a version not updated, for use big replace also use SEARCH IN-LINE mode...


Yes, I'm have  a good idea: Create a MOD Team for approve the mods. Equal to phpBB Mod Team: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewforum.php?f=81

the problem is search experience developers for create this team, I'm offered for this project... smile

Sorry, but link download not function... Please control. Thx