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Kushi wrote:

If he would like to use Bootstrap he would have to change php files. Unfortunately there's no way to do it with hooks. I've been creating responsive theme lately, but I haven't got time to finish it.

Quite impressive smile


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Noticed the post http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/149452/#p149452

I think that sub forums must be a core functionality than an extension.


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The current bbcode for list items,


is different from other popular bulletin board software like phpBB or SMF which does not have a closing tag for list items.

I think it would be better to follow the same style as users frequent with these codes may find it weird having to close the list item bbcode tag.


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Number object in Javascript is mainly used to convert between decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal representations and to perform rounding off digits to a specific precision.

(function(con) {
    var oNum = new Number(2);
    var oNPi = new Number(Math.PI);
    console.log('Binary representation of 2: ' + oNum.toString(2)); //Prints 10
    console.log('Value of Pi: ' + Math.PI); //Prints value of Pi
    console.log('Value of Pi rounded to 4 decimal places: ' + oNPi.toFixed(4));

More about Number object at MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/doc … cts/Number

Is that a theme problem? May be a responsive theme should do. Or is it a backend problem?

Well, seems like punBB don't have mobile support yet.


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Ok. An extension maybe. Not sure who would be developing it though neutral


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That makes sense. I guess that banning them is the only possible solution then.


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Error 404 occurs when a requested page no longer exists.

Not sure what Google means by Error 404 Soft

Anyway, if you had deleted discussions in the board you are hosting, then this error is likely to occur. One possible solution is to update the sitemap and wait until Google begins to use the updated sitemap.


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Not sure. neutral Still dont think it is a really necessary feature.


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Ooh... That is good.
So, why so much spam here?


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Ok lol


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What about New Post at top left corner of the screen?


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Well, punBB is aimed at being a light forum software. Embedding players are bound to make it heavy.

That is my opinion. Leaving the rest to developers.


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Javascript Math object is used to perform tasks like generating random numbers and evaluating constants like Pi.

(function() {
    console.log('Value of Pi: ' + Math.PI);
    console.log('Random number 0-6: ' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 6));
    console.log('Random number 1-6: ' + Math.ceil(Math.random() * 6));

Here too I am using Nodejs and closures.

Note that floor is used to generate random numbers starting from 0; where as ceil is used to generate random numbers starting from 1.

More on Math object available from MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/doc … jects/Math


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Well, seems like this board have been dead for quite a long time. So, thought of reviving it up with few worthwhile discussions. This is a start.

(function() {
    var oDate = new Date();
    var date = oDate.getDate();
    var mnth = oDate.getMonth();
    var year = oDate.getFullYear();
    var hrs = oDate.getHours();
    var min = oDate.getMinutes();
    console.log('Date: ' + date + '/' + mnth + '/' + year);
    console.log('Time: ' + hrs + ':' + min);

So, this is the code to display date and time using Javascript.

Note that I am using Nodejs, and so using console.log to display output.

The topic introduces useage of Date object to display current date and time based on users system.

The topic also introduces closures, a really interesting feature in javascript.

More details on Date object from MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/J … jects/Date


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High amount of spam in this forum itself implies that punBB requires some spam prevention technique. Since captcha is used to prevent spam, why not implement one in punBB?


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Once a topic is replied to, then the user automatcally starts to follow the post. Regarding following users, a better idea would be something like Friends and Foes in phpBB.

This is just my opinion. Anyway a mod for your request is not that bad. As a core feature, I think this would be a bad idea as punBB is designed to be a lite forum software.


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  • Password fields are better being hidden

  • Configuration file may be written automatically written

  • Once installed auto-delete install.php from admin


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You should have posted this under 1.2 Forums in the Troubleshooting section. I have reported the post to be moved to 1.2 Forums. There are experts there, who may help you.

Good luck big_smile


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Nice comparison there. The only difference is that J2ME is a general purpose programming language, where as PHP is a scripting language.

Most games were developed with flash. Now with advent of HTML5 and JS and WebGL, it is possible to develop games without flash using HTML5 and JS.


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What about this?
Use right click disabling js code discussed above to disable right click. In case Javascript is disabled, then

<p><strong>Javascript must be enabled to view this page</strong></p>


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This is good. I believed Android development was done with Java.

PHP is an excellent language big_smile


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class MSSoapClient extends SoapClient {
    private $namespace;
    function __doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version) {

        $request = preg_replace('/<ns1:(\w+)/', '<$1 xmlns="'.$this->namespace.'"', $request, 1);
        $request = preg_replace('/<ns1:(\w+)/', '<$1', $request);
        $request = str_replace(array('/ns1:', 'xmlns:ns1="'.$this->namespace.'"'), array('/', ''), $request);
        // parent call
        return parent::__doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version);
    function setNamespace($sNamespace)

Just curious, the class SoapClient from which MSSoapClass is being extended has to be included right? If so, from where?