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Thanks for extension smile

Pebro wrote:

The prefix shows 2x

How I can fix this error?

If  "Display a dot in front of topics to indicate to a user that they have posted in that topic earlier. Disable if you are experiencing high server load." is selected in admin panel, the prefixes become double.

How can i fix it?

Can you add new download link?

I do not think that such an extension. smile


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Edit this file;


use between <head></head> tags smile


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Of course I would be pleased smile


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Ok.  Is good. More extensions you get in my forum, punbb.INFO.

Is your forum fully translated into Turkish? Where did you download the translation? Share it

Actually, I've shared it before smile I have edited for misspellings.

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ncellendi/


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No problem smile I love PunBB. I hope it continues to develop. smile


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After a long time I solved. smile

Open /style/Oxygen/Oxygen.min.css find;

.brd-page {
    font: 75%/1.5em Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

And edit it as you like.

Krypton wrote:

Paylaştığınız dil paketi dosyası virüs taramasından geçemiyor, bilginize... Norton ve Windows Defender 4 tehdit buluyor...

Tarama sonucu görebilir miyim?
Kaspersky Internet Security ve Malwarebytes herhangi bir şey bulamadı +

https://virusscan.jotti.org/en-US/files … w8cvs623dh

Trace wrote:

So, you can update the version in the first post since it's still 1.4.2 wink.

Thanks for translating PunBB to your language.

Sorry I forgot smile version info updated.

Turkish language pack is updated. Its fully compatible with v1.4.4.

Türkçe dil paketi güncellendi. 1.4.4 versiyonu ile tam uyumlu halde.

Does not anybody give support for PunBB?

This is exacly, what I have corrected. If you want to use php >= 5.5, you have to:
1. Download branch 1.4-next
2. Replace these files:

Have you tried this way?

Admin -> groups.php line 624

<h2 class="hn"><span><?php printf($lang_admin_groups['Remove group head'], forum_htmlencode($group_info['title']), $group_info['num_members']) ?></span></h2>


forum_htmlencode($group_info['title']), $group_info['num_members']) ?>

This part is not working i guess.

I translate PunBB English to Turkish. In "Lang" folder -> admin_groups.php line 50

'Remove group head'     =>    'Remove "%s" group which contains %s members',


in this line "%s" tags not working. Can't see group title and including members. How can fix it?

Wm.Support wrote:

New links add please

I'm on holiday. New links add soon

Try this link http://s6.dosya.tc/server2/r1xvsc/Turki … 2.rar.html

PunBB 1.4.4
Pack Ver. 0.3 (14.05.2017)

The translation is 99.9% complete. "group_info title and num_members not working" is 0.1% smile. Will be updated.

Çeviri %99.9 tamamlandı. Bir alan kaldı oda forum sisteminin işleyişindeki problemden dolayı. Problemin çözümünü yaparlarsa orayı da düzelteceğim. Bunun haricinde Türkçe dil dosyasını kullanırken düzgün görünüm için viewtopic, search ve help.php dosyalarını düzenlemeniz gereklidir. Bu düzenlemeyi yapmadan direk yüklemek isterseniz. Türkçe tam kurulum dosyasını forum sitemizde bulabilirsiniz.

Teşekkürler smile


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keeshii wrote:

You are not the first person asking about that feature. I will try to make an extension for that smile

An extension to this problem would be nice smile


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I dont understand. Delete it from database but I'll delete what? Which table?

Thank you


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Hello everybody,

I cant delete topics/posts reports. How can I do?


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How can i change font family all forums? Im using oxygen theme.
I searched but could not find it.