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Just do a db dump via your normal SQL admin utility.

The thing is, i dont have any other db admin utilities than the mysql prompt, which i used to set the forum up. And i don't have much sql experience...  which is why  i thought it would be practical with a graphical backup+restore solution.
I also don't want to rely on other utilities. I want a complete portable solution for a forum.

I am planning to install a forum, but its important for me that the backup facilities are easy, as i might need to take this forum up and down a couple of times.
It seems to me that the Database Management plugin only works for 1.2.x , since the plugin/extension structure has changed with v 1.3.x .
Should in install a 1.2 version forum in order to get the best backup possibilities? Will it be complicated to migrate a working forum from 1.2 to 1.3 if i wish to upgrade in the future?

I have discovered a feature, that i'd like to change, if possible.
When using the bbcode "code"-tags, the text area is limited to a certain number of lines before it gets "overflowed" and you get a vertical scrollbar. I guess this is so that the vertical height of the post won't be redicilously long if you post the source code to Quake or anything.
Is it possible to change this value? I need to post some code-things on a forum, while keeping an overview of the whole post.



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Hej alla,

Jag undrar om någon har integrerat banners från tradedoubler i sitt forum?
Jag har följt Rickards exempel när det gäller Adsense och det har jag gjort lyckade försök med.

Det fungerar också med tradedoubler - banners men inte med alla. Vissa blir utdragna och konstiga.
Ska man göra nåt speciellt med div:en man placerar dem i?

Jag har gjort såhär i main.tpl

<div style="position:absolute; top:5px; left:780px; width:140px; height:800px; padding:0px; border-width:0px; border-style:solid
; border-color:#FFCC00">

<pun_include "google03.php"><br>
<pun_include "tradedoubler.php"><br>
<pun_include "google02.php">


Google-annonserna fungerar fint, och tradedoubler-filen ser ut såhär:



<div style="TEXT-ALIGN: center">
<script language="javascript">
blabla scriptets innehåll.

Vissa fungerar, andra inte.
Nån som har koll på tradedoubler-kod som har haft liknande problem kanske?

My stylesheet is limiting my forum to 800 pixels ( I want it this way).
This makes a problem with the uploader. The file list is too wide and breaks out of the forums boundaries making it look bad.
Is there a way to wrap the text in the fields so it can adapt to the 800 px width ?


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Yea, I checked the ownership on the config.php. It was owned by a different user than apache uses to run. I now use the same user and have a chmod of 600 on the config.php!! thanx!


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I really like to get some things straight.

The config.php has to be chmod 644 ?

That means that all users can view the file and see the database username and pass?
Why does it have to be like that??


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Is there any way of adding a base url so that you can have 2 ?

I have my forum at  , but I cant access that url from my Lan, I have to go via

hostname/web/,, when I do that I cant for instance move any threads or so, I get "bad referrer",

I dont want to chance the referrer to "hostname/web/" every time I need to change something, since I also want to be able to access it from outside the LAN.

I tried to use a proxy, but I read that doing so, the proxy strips out the referrer-arguments or something, and u still get "bad referrer".

Edit: I inserted   in my  hosts-file on my windows machine I surf on and now I can access directly.

Great plugin, although I have problems with it, I´m trying to understand whether the problem is in the plugin or somewhere else.

I successfully create a backup , but when I try to back up my database into mysql with "mysql mydb < backup.sql" I get an ERROR 1046.

I checked my .sql file and it seemed to be missing a  ';'  after the 'create table' arguments.  When I inserted ; , I could then restore my database into mysql , pointed my config.php to the new database and everything was fine!

Now, is this a problem in the backup plugin ? If so, how do I correct it ?!

edit: I thought that my edit of my .sql-file worked, but it didnt. The forum looks ok, but you can only see the structure and the topics. The posts do not exist.

What to do?