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Great, another one taking off his ego and thinking communitly smile


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going under profile - mesaging and deleting the placed nicknames doesn't function?

cool ^^
great thing you have developed this converter smile

that is a benefit why to use punbb than others.


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kk, i see, you have found other tools for development.
well finally you have to work with ^^
i'm just one of the people which like to find OSS Projects on one Portal.

what where the reasons not to use sf.net functions?

PS: Hm, I had a look at Trac. It doesn't satisfy me at all as an Project Admin as well as the software used on sf.net. it seams there is for no good tracking and file management software to find in OSS Community or i didn't found it yet ^^

but with my OSS Project i'm fine at sf.net smile

About RSS Feed

See extern.php

Where do you mean exactly? well www.punbb.org/extern.php doesnt work ^^

Reason i'm asking for is: I would like to get the file release announcements over RSS Feed.

Hi there smile

found another forum: Simple Mashine Forum: http://www.simplemachines.org/

kind regards


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Well the benefits of sf.net or berlios are for development.
- cvs and file management.
- webspace and a project.sourceforge.net resp. project.berlios.de
- task management
- mailinglist
- RSS Feed
- etc.

and also the goal of thoes portals is to be a place of all OSS people may find them on one point. for developers instred in getting similar ideas may join project and work on existing than re-invent it.

kind regards


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Hi Mr Andersson

Just wundering if you are going opensource with your product? why not place your project on
- http://www.soureforge.net or
- http://developer.berlios.de/

kind regards