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Ubuntu, but with BitDefender for Linux.
On my Windows box (which I boot once a month), there's Antivir + Jetico Firewall.


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Well, maybe it would be a good idea to say something like : "if you're running this installer on your local computer, you can chmod it to 0777, but on a webserver, chown it to the apache user and chmod it to 0755". I know it can sound obvious to many people, but for some others, it's not and it could be a security risk. It's nice to see that PunBB devs care a lot about security, but the script can be as secure as it wants, if you give such an advice at the beginning and to beginners, the security risks are there...


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That's what I did. But maybe it would be a good idea to mention that during the install process, instead of "in doubt, chmod it to 0777"...


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Just a quick note about something more or less security related. I've read a message about directories that have to be chmodded to 777 (cache and avatar) , see this thread. Rickard is clear about it : the directory does not have to be 0777, but during the install process, if the directories are not writeable, you suggest to chmod it to 0777 (I tested with the french version however, not the english one). Maybe it would be good to change that in the installer...

So two questions :
- why mentioning to chmod to 0777 if it's not necessary (and can be harmful)?
- and what's the alternative chmod code to get it working properly?

Nice, thanks wink

Well, I'm trying to do this one for some time now, but without success. I'd like to add a "link" button to the easybbcode mod, so that a javascript (eeeek, I know) would popup a windows to type the URL, the link title, and the link text (XHTML baby).

But I'm not a javascript god, not even close. Can anyone help me?

Wow, I was just about to search/ask for a mod like that one... smile Very nice mod, and useful.


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It has been done, Sir wink


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Just take a look at this, you'll understand what I mean...

Any news of Chacmool, btw?


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Heh. Think about this...
You want to post as "Guest" without entering a username because you find it stupid. Fine.
Everyone thinks like you. Fine again.
Then, there will be discussions between "Guest", "Guest", "Guest","Guest" and "Guest"... Who's who?
Usernames are not there to complicate things, just to know who's talking...

Connorhd wrote:

if you want to be nice you could make it only 10 times more complicated and just send out an email saying the subscription has been removed wink

Hmmm, that's OK too, as long as the person who subscribed is warned.

Before deleting a subscription, should'nt the admin ask the person who subscribe if she wants to keep this subscription active or not?
Isn't it possible to "mark" the subscription as "to be deleted in X days" and automatically send an email to the subscribed person with a warning?

Edits were triple checked and that user has no sig...

Fixed finally, it was my mistake. I applied the edit to a 1.2.4 version of parser.php instead of a 1.2.5...

Well, there's a strange problem I have with this file. It started after I applied this and that.

On most of the topics, everything runs fine, but sometimes (couldn't find a reason for now), loading viewtopic.php doesn't load the header anymore, so the page starts with

<div class="linkst">
    <div class="inbox">
        <p class="pagelink conl">Pages: <strong>1</strong></p>

It happens when there are new posts in the topic, it seems, but not always. No difference if I access viewtopic.php from index.php or viewforum.php, nor if I use arguments (action=new or last) or not.
Last time it happend, it was after a replied to a topic. Before I replied, it displayed well, after redirection, it was broken. I tried on another topic, and it didn't happen... really odd because I can't reproduce it.

Could it be a cache problem?

[note]The only thing common to all the broken topics is... a particular user posted in / started the topic...[/note]


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20sang wrote:

une base de donnée nommée 'monforum' ? free permet de créer ses propres BDD ? ça m'etonnerais !

retrouve les informations concernant ton compte free, normalement tout doit y être inscrit

$db_host = 'serveur de la base de données';
$db_name = 'nom de la base de données';
$db_username = 'nom d'utilisateur de base de données';
$db_password = 'mot de passe base de données';

après free .... roll

mais attend donc quelques jours, la version 1.2 devrait sortir aujourd'hui ou demain wink

Comme 20sang le dit, as-tu vérifié que tu utilises bien le bon nom pour ta DB? Es-tu certain de ne pas confondre le nom de la DB et le nom de la table?


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Hope he won't be drunk... roll


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Indeed avatars don't take much space, but remote linking of avatars can be nice anyway. If you change your avatar, you just have to change it on your webspace, not on every single forum you visit. I use this option all the time, so I just have to upload my avatar once - the link remains the same, not the image.


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Just put your footer at the bottom of the page in main.tpl should do the trick.

Then, you should also provide the admin an easy way to disable that...

Automatic subscription can really hog up the database if you're posting very often...
But I agree when you say that the visuals are important, so :

1° you get a text link "subscribe to this topic" / when you click on it, it turns automagically into "you subscribed to this topic / unsubscribe?" - That's already like that.
2° When you reply to a topic you subscribed to, the checkbox is empty, and it should not. In fact, the checkbox shouldn't be there at all, but instead you'd have to find an "unsubscribe" checkbox...
3° When you reply, even if you leave the checkbox blank, you're still considered as a subscriber, because it's linked to the topic. There's no need to subscribe every time you reply.

So, the only thing "needed" would be to change the "subscribe" checkbox into "unsubscribe" if the poster has already subscribed, to avoid confusion...

On the "always warn me of replies" thing, I'm against that.

/me does the same for french...


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J'ai corrigé quelques fautes grammaticales, orthographiques et de markup html...
Voir ce sujet : http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=5216

Some grammatical, orthographic and markup fixes...
Download, in .tar.gz format...


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