hello, I would like to kindly know if there exist a plugin that allows to show only a small part of the discussion, at the guest users, and then show a message like "it is compulsory to register to read the complete discussion" . Does anyone know if exist  something? thank you


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POPOV, thank you very much!

Trace wrote:

Yes, just remove all files which are located in cache/ folder (which is located in the root of your PunBB forum) except .htaccess and index.html.

Thank you!

Ok, I want to be sure that i have understand.

Now in my www.blabla.bla/cache folder i have these files:


I manually delete all files except .htaccess and cache is clean, and i I do not need the plugin pun_admin_clear_cache. right?

It is possible to delete cache manually?


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AShop Software wrote:

My own forum was completely swamped with SEO spam and I constantly get several new spammers signed up every day, just because punBB is known to be allowing SEO spam like this. Fixing it is very easy though and I have just corrected it on my own forum.

Assuming you have version 1.3.5, just follow these steps:

1. Open the file include/parser.php
2. Find line number 609, which will look like this: return '<a href="'.$full_url.'">'.$link.'</a>';
3. Change it to: return '<a href="'.$full_url.'" rel="nofollow">'.$link.'</a>';
4. Save and upload your modified script.

This will add rel="nofollow" to URLs in posts and signatures. You may need to reapply it when you update though. If you have an earlier version, you should either update or you will just have to find where the line is located in your version yourself. It belongs to the handle_url_tag function.

A plea to the development team: please add this permantly!  smile

And for 1.4.2 version? thank you

hy, i install pun_admin_clear_cache (v1.1.5) but i don't see the link on the footer on any pages.

the extension works good because at the time of installation She delete my chace! Unfortunately she does not show the link in the footer of any pages, and if I want to clear the cache I have to uninstall and reinstall the extension.

My punbb is 1.4.2 with Oxigen theme.

thank you


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Hello, nice jobs! i like your shoutbox, is great work!!!!

I am looking for use a .txt file and not use a db table, and read this :

keeshii wrote:

The esiest way to save discussions in txt file, is to modify a json.php file. Just add this one line next to inserting new entry to database:

file_put_contents ("/tmp/shoutbox.txt", date("Y-m-d h:i", time())." $username: $message\n", FILE_APPEND);

Unfortunately for me don't work. I do this modify, i set permission at file but it don't work... maby I mistake to place the folder?

I tried to place it in principal root:


and tried to place it in the shoutbox extension folder


but never work, Always do not write on file.txt but write on db and also read messages from db.

Can You help me?

thank you


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How Can I move one discussion at the top of the  discussions list? I don't need to move in other forum section, fot this i use pun_move_posts extension.

Thank you


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Thank you Trace! it work!


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I'm looking for a way to make it invisible to visitors who are not logged the statistics of the forum....

in index.php file there is :

<div id="brd-stats" class="gen-content">
<h2 class="hn"><span><?php echo $lang_index['Statistics'] ?></span></h2>
<?php echo implode("\n\t\t", $stats_list)."\n" ?>

Is possible with php write something like :

if (user not logged ){hide statistic};
else {show statistic};

Or other way...

thank you


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Update... after some test i understand that google don't see private page, and try to show them makes you end up in the black list of google so don't do it!


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Hello everybody,

Like title... if i have some pubblic forum and some private forum what 's the behavior of google? he sees them? creating a sitemap url these are taken into account? 
PS. private forums are forums that "guest" user can not see

thank you