I don't have this parser.php as I maintain a different version of punbb with my edits:

You can try editing the parser.php file

function do_bbcode($text, $is_signature = false)
    global $lang_common, $forum_user, $forum_config;


function do_bbcode($text, $is_signature = false)
    global $lang_common, $forum_user, $forum_config;

    $pattern_callback = array();


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v 2.7.6

+ facebook - beta test

* - use oEmbed, support more links
* rutube - support t parameter
* yandex maps - support for different domain zones
* audiomack - support albums


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eval()'d code on line

Extension failed. Turn them off one at a time to find the culprit.


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MariaDB 10.5 is similar to MySQL 8


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Quickly tested installing the forum from scratch, creating a new category, creating a new partition, creating a new message on Win7 + PHP 8.2 RC2 + SQLite3 3.33.0. There are no warnings or errors.


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The current variant … has been tested on Win7 + PHP 8.2 RC2 + mysql 5.7.24. I found no problems.


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v 2.6.0

+ (support albums links)

P.S. @Anders, пробуйте.


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А у яндекса есть бесплатный контент?
Потыкался я по песням/альбомам, больше 20 сек слушать ни чего не давали.

Thank you! Now I understand why I set the minimum version of php = 5.4.

I saw this limitation for PHP: … st.xml#L15
I do not remember the reason for this restriction sad

PunBB 1.4.4 + Fancy Stop SPAM + PHP 5.4.31 and SQLite 5.6.20 - works without problems.

P.S. PHP 5.3.3/5.3.7 could not start, Apache swears at them.

Publish the php errors that appear when the Fancy Stop SPAM extension is enabled. In the errors.log file (approximate name), they should be.

>After I enable the Fancy Stop SPAM extension on the remote site, and browse to another forum page, I get only blank pages in the browser.
>and PHP 5.3.3.

Most likely, this is an incompatibility of php. Therefore, I need to see the errors from the server error log.


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v 2.5.0



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> Am I right?

and Administration → Settings → Setup → Redirect wait = 1

then yes


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Uses cookies to identify the logged in registered user.
A session cookie (which the browser deletes after closing the site page) can also be used if the redirect time is 0. Needed to send messages to the redirect page (pop-up message at the top of the forum page).

If the redirect time is greater than 0, then the engine does not set any cookies for guests.


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>Out of topic but is this a new, style-stripped version of punBB or it's just CSS did not load?
This is a misconfigured server. My browser refuses to accept mixed protocol styles.

>I need something like this to built my own style/theme from scratch. Thanks.
Copy the style /style/Oxygen/ folder.
Delete css files from it except Oxygen.min.css.
In the Oxygen.php file, set up the correct file paths.
And edit the Oxygen.min.css file to suit your requirements.


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1. Fix pun_pm_next_reply() function … 7f14b9ea66
2. Fix style for display less than 800px … 48b0d0aeb5


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For each user, the displayed time is taken from the settings in his profile: Your profile → Settings → Your timezone.

For all guests, the displayed time is taken from the settings in the admin panel: Administration → Settings → Setup → Default timezone
For each guest there is no automatic recalculation of time for his time zone.

You don't need it, but browsers automatically translate the user to https if it's available on the site smile As a result, users see a broken site due to the browser preventing it from displaying mixed content:


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I see one guest and one user:

P.S. I see you have another problem: your resources are loaded via the http protocol. If your site works only using the https protocol, then add two lines to the end of the config.php file:

$_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on';
$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] = '443';

If your site works via http and https, then you need to correctly configure the transfer of environment variables from the server to php.


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Only the administrator can change the username on the forum. But there is not a single administrator on this forum for a long time.