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Still work's ??

Oh.. sad
     Well , thank you .

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  here's what i found on forumotion:


Forumotion uses SITU Coding, so it's NOT PUNBB that your using, it's a heavily modified PHPBB2 -- Which is what FM is based of.
Situ = custom made. (in short)
PHPBB 3, Invision = HEAVILY modified PHPBB2.
There is also parts of MYBB and Vbulletin in our coding lines.

So there is NO VERSION, you can then not add, or remove any modules, or extensions.
The coding is very well maintained by our devs, and they work consistently to find flaws in the coding, fix them, repair bugs that are reported, and the ones that aren't reported, and ofcause on new features for our forums.

Hello punBB community! I'm Cesar and i run a punBB forum but on Forumotion.. big_smile
    What i want to know is what version of punBB are Forumotion forum's ( i mean 1.2 ; 1.3 or 1.4) and if i can try to implement extensions from this forum.

Thank you , Cesar.