The extension works perfect in PunBB 1.4.2

No questions, resolved topic ;)

Thanks Keeshii.

Very good news, of course. I will test it a.s.a.p.

Thanks again!

keeshii wrote:

btw. @debianite what country are you come from? Spain?

Yes, I am :)

Delete user account is the only thing I miss in PunBB.

Hi everybody.

As I can see, the topic isn't a new one but it hasn't been resolved yet. So, I retry it, because some countries' laws (mine, for example) force to offer the users a way to delete their own accounts.

I read this topic and "How to remove my acocunt" in General Discussion forum. The issue doesn't seem resolved yet.

Is there any way to do?



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Ninguno de los dos dominios está operativo.


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What about translate extensions?
Duplicate the "English" extension directory to create a spanish translate. Obviously, the new one would be named "Spanish" and translate (into the .php) according to this pattern

            'Destination forum'             => 'spanish translation'

That's all.