pogenwurst wrote:

I'm not sure that I'd be able to help you out with this, but anyway - what do you mean by "cannot"? Do you get an error? Or just a blank page? Or something else?

I get a blank page.  If I print() a test of whether the fileExists() right before making the include, I can see a "1."  But after that, nada.

CodeXP wrote:


So, what would be the point of doing this? A lot of work, without any real gain.

URL redirection.  More specifically, URL redirection from a database.  After some research, I had success using a method that involves siphoning everything through a single page.

I have yet to search the forums for info on the subject of URL redirection--which I'll do after posting this, of course.  While I do that: any thoughts?

This is mostly a question about theory.  I recently installed PunBB.  My plans were to use a PHP file for URL redirection.  Basically, *every* URL goes to the file index.php, which parses the URL and includes the proper file.  Big emphasis on "include."

Simply put: I cannot include PunBB inside another PHP file.

I had a similar problem with phpBB, which led me to search for a simpler BB: you guys.  Same problem, though.  So, if it's not too much trouble, I was wondering, as far as technical theory goes, what am I not getting?  What is it that makes these apps impossible to nest inside a PHP include()?