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this is what I was looking for thank you so much you guys are awsome. Love PunBB
Keep up the good work.


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Hello PunBBers,

Quick question. I love the default them but I would like to use an background image to get rid of some of the white
with regular html code i know its simply bgimage = /images/whatever.png or jpeg
how can I do this to the forums. I am using  version 1.4. Take for instance these forums. I wish to get rid of the white area
to the immidiate left of the scroll bar on both sides. I have done it once with an older version of PunBB but I cant do it with this one any help please thanks.

I am sorry for not posting the version. The nerve of some people asking for help and not giving all the facts lol.
I am using the lastest version I think. I think at one point the code was html and I was able to use dreamweaver and change the background color without changing my scheme. Now it seems to be pure php and I am at a loss. let me know if you
need anymore info. Thanks for helpping me.

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PunBB 1.4.2
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Hey guys how do I change the background of the entire site. I would like to use an image from my image folder on the site
something like: /images/xx.png

I would like all the pages to use this as the bg-image instead of using the default color. thanks.