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Is it possible to have the option to use my Gravatar?

Some users might want to use it, some might want to upload their own?

Will the Gravatar be automatically resized? My current forum setting is the default 60 x 60

Also, what about existing users? How can I enable Gravatar for them? The extension says that it is for new users

Thank you

Kushi wrote:

You can edit this extension http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … le-fields/

Thanks again Kushi

Thank you Kushi

I did search the forum but that post didn't come up in the results, you can either close or delete this thread if you like.


How can I create additional profile fields? e.g. Xbox Live gamertag, PSN ID, things like that


How can I force all users to use the graphical buttons for the BBcode bar?
I can see how I set it for myself, but I would like all users to have it enabled


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How does this extension work? I have installed and enabled it, but I cannot see any way to use it


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Not checked in a while, but my forum (hosted by A Small Orange) is now showing:

MySQL Improved 5.0.91

Sorry to bump, but is there any news on this? Or is there another way\extension available to do this?

I'd be interested in this extension too


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MySQL 4.1.22-standard