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Try looking at the model that PunBB uses to make their login page (specifically the cookie/session identifier, and also the credentials needed to login by the database).


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5.5.x is the current version used across all hosting providers, using anything above this such as 6.x (which may or may not be in stable condition as of this post) will require more rewrites as each major version of PHP changes how programmers need to write code. Hence why it's hard to find something that is stable on more newer versions of PHP than it is to find software that can run on older versions.


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Punbb simple forum and fast.
Php - functional, but complex.

PunBB - hook system, phpbb - mod system.

By far outdated, phpBB uses an extension system since version 3.1.0, 3.0.x and below used a modification system.


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Happy new year everyone, I hope that you have a great 2016!


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Do you have any links to those websites/forums that are running PunBB with this done? I'm looking around and nothing seems to be going the correct way (as the way you would like I should say).

Eh this project is only in maintenance releases it seems, minus the big jump to mobile rendering really.


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I'll have a look in the files to see a way to fix this, but from my idea it might actually need to be a slight design change (require some theme edits) just to make the current view change. Since we cannot just fully remove the left bar and then drag the data up into the top bar so easily, it might take a little bit more work than what I had original thought of.


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Point out the issues if you can and I'll try to look over the code and tell you where to look at. From what it seems like, it should be just a format change if the resolution is that of a mobile device (on tablets it seems to run fine, but I agree on improvements even there).


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I would say local stations as they know the actual weather "better".


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Sadly no, you'd either have to do the commits yourself via GitHub or just wait it out. Sadly the development seems slow, but still present. Hoping this project picks up once FluxBB is dissolved by Flarum.


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What do you mean by Fancy vs. Normal extensions?

I think the development has slowed down a ton, it's mostly bug fixing at this point and not any new features or core additions.


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10 questions seems WAY too extreme for any type of forum, after a few times of that I'm sure people would get very annoyed. If anything having good protection before anyone registers, plus maybe a web proxy scanner that denies users who are known spammers before even loading your website is the best route.


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This isn't for PunBB, the video is on how to install phpBB onto a server.

I'm going to go on a limb and say that due to the fact that some browsers cannot take the various extra characters that are not canonical. You could use it for that, however I'm sure that if you clicked on a link it would redirect to the canonical form (not making it so inconvenient for the users, just maybe a tad confusing at first).

I could be wrong however, but that is what I believe would happen. You can always give it a try on a testing folder and see what happens too.

All you need to do is wrap the photo around the following:

[img]photo url here[/img]

Just make sure to upload the photo to another third party website, such as imageshack, photobucket, etc.


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You have to remember that the newest release was just pushed out (compared to 1.4.2's release date). I'm sure in good time this will be fixed, however for now all I can say is to be patient.

You can always do something like "The answer is: 4G2vs2H" and the answer is such as given, the spam bots cannot copy and paste and most of the human bots won't really bother either (at least in my experience with various forum software).

Posts are moved from the feature request area after you have released such topic, at least that's how it's been so far with the other language packs.


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Wow this is great news, I'm glad that PunBB is finally moving forward after a long pause in development.


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Flarum looks really good, but if you want to use it just use it's little sister esoTalk.

Agreed this would be a great extension if someone has made it already.


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You can yes, still use this software and it will run just as expected on here and it will on your server. You just won't have any updates, new features, etc. unless you do all of the work (compared to the software doing it all for you).


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dude07 wrote:

No styles from punres or elsewhere are supported anymore? Why isn't there any documentation on this at the wiki?

Is this forum dying?

Most places have marked PunBB as inactive (I mean you see why, 2 years without a new release doesn't look like the project is alive anymore). The wiki is somewhat lacking 1.4.x on documentation as most if ported over from 1.3.x sadly. All I can say is that you download one of the third-party themes made (there are some listed on this forum such as Urban, etc.) and take a look at how it's all structured. Then you could try to make a theme yourself, or find someone who knows how to theme for PunBB (there are plenty of people but they are rather hidden).

You are a LIFE saver, same thing happened to me and spent an hour trying to figure it out. Thought it was on my end somehow.


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keeshii wrote:

For the last 2 years were no new releases, because there is no need for that - the core should be small, simple, and stable. Security errors, bugs will be fixed, if someone finds them. And if you are looking for new functionalites, use extensions.

But even without that, punbb is great, runs extremaly fast on my machines and produces really small server load.

I completely agree, there shouldn't be a ton of new features always added inside of the core (making the software then bigger, and bigger, and needing to use more resources etc.). I'm glad that it's simple, because it honestly does everything that a small forum software should do.

Yeah it might be lacking a specific feature (I can name a few) however those should be plugins/extensions and not just always dragged inside of the core. Although the lack of updates does seem to show a slowing trend, that doesn't always mean the software is 100% dead. It's not dead until everyone, community wise, development wise, administrator wise, stops posting on here, making things, finding new ways to make the software work with updated system software.