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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Go to Administration -> Extensions
Find the extension in list and install.

Thank you, I got it installed and it works great.


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Thank you, but how do I install it? If I just copy the folder tree into my extensions folder, is it then "installed" and ready to use?


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Use theme Oxygen + and see how can you do it.

Wonderful! Thank you!


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As I am writing this, I see a toolbar right above the text box:


How can I add that to my own PunBB forum, that I host on my server?


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On mobile devices, the left column takes up way too much space. So I'd like to do 2 things:

1- Hide the left column on mobile devices only
2- Move the display of the author name from the left column to the main/right column


I am a web developer, comfortable with PHP and CSS, though I'm not at all familiar with the punbb source code. I'm comfortable making css/js/php changes if I'm guided as to where those changes should be made. I opened the page shown in my screenshot in Chrome Developer Tools and tried to set display:none on every span I could find related to that left column, but the entire column never disappeared. I'm wanting the whole column to hide and the right column to expand to fill the entire width of the page, on mobile devices only. I also see in the inspected css that there are mobile-specific css directives. It seems the best approach would be to modify those to hide the left column (mobile only), but I can't figure out how to do it.

And how do I display author name at the top of the main content column?

Thanks in advance.


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I have over 4,000 user registrations on my punbb forum that are pure junk. They have no interest in true participation, they just create an account and post links to their website to help with their SEO.

I don't think these are bots because my punbb is supposedly configured to auto-delete any accounts that don't confirm emails. I'm not sure if these deletes are automatically happening. How can I tell? And how can I tell if these users actually confirmed their emails?

Most important: Is there an sql query (or a way through the Admin UI) that will safely delete all users that have been a member for over 30 days and never made a post?

How can I solve this problem of people creating accounts just for SEO? Is there any automated way through punbb to put a stop to this? Note: I know how to delete users one at a time but that just takes way too much time. I'm getting 50 junk registrations per day, at least.