The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

Removed as of PHP 8.0.0

found in file utf8.php on line 41

* If string overloading is active, it will break many of the
* native implementations. mbstring.func_overload must be set
* to 0, 1 or 4 in php.ini (string overloading disabled).
* Also need to check we have the correct internal mbstring
* encoding
if ( extension_loaded('mbstring')) {
    if ( ini_get('mbstring.func_overload') & MB_OVERLOAD_STRING ) {
        trigger_error('String functions are overloaded by mbstring',E_USER_ERROR);

Nice ))

Please, provide php log, what error you got. Thx


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...and enjoy!


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No. Download and install it


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Something like this


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no need donate anymore, try download again


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I think you can try this extension


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@updated right now all files, shows $matches[2]
you can see it here

php = 7.4
DB Type = MySQLi
log is clear


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what do you want to do?
max-width: 600px this means that you can use this for a phone with a screen resolution less than 600 wide.


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To turn off notifications about the availability of a new version, you need to go to

sorry, I'm just testing [ h ] hash tag
H do not work with Visman parser((


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You can be the first ))


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1. No slash in end of url in config.php?
2. Try change url scheme before move sql bata base


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Copy all files and you need just edit address in config.php.


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The extension allows you to manage projects.
In this case, it was developed for the management / organization of planned work, maintenance of residential premises, complexes, accounting for the costs of materials and contractors performing work.
The extension can be modified to suit your needs.
The extension is not for sale, all projects are posted only on a special resource.

if you have any questions please contact me via email:


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Download PunBB

If you see notification about update to 1.4.5 just open file /admin/db_update.php end replace:

define('UPDATE_TO', '1.4.4');


define('UPDATE_TO', '1.4.5');

save file and go to ...your_site/admin/db_update.php

then click Start button. Enjoy!))

...and thx Visman wink

@zetrader +1

Download PunBB

@Visman, ты лучший! Меньше чем за месяц залатал весь движок для php 7.4


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The Pan Yandex Donation extension is designed to organize the download of files for donations. The extension is dependent on Pan Downloads. The result of the work can be checked on our forum.

You only need to have Yandex wallet and complete the following settings:
ID of your wallet
Amount of recommended donation
Security code for download
HTML code displayed as a message
Allowed group for downloading files
Forbidden group to download files

Download Pan Yandex Donation extension


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Nobody is at home


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Nobody"s here

Look solution here

What version of punbb are you using? 1.4.4?
Try download here