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I need a system like this.  It works by giving users 3 points for each day they login and 10 points for posting, 2 point for forum reply etc. There should be a  limit of how many points can be awarded for posting in a day (say 30).
and this option

Points per post.
Points per thread.
Points per poll.
Points per character (on new post and new thread).
Minimum characters required to multiply points per character.
Points on registration.
Points per poll vote.
Points per reply (points given to the author of the thread).
Points per PM sent.
Points per page view.
Points per visit

Forum Rules. (minimum points to view, minimum points to create a new post/thread)
User Group rules ( amount of points to pay to this group, number of seconds between payments).

Shows number of points in profile and post bit.

is this possible ??


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I like this idea.