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I also recieve this error when trying to update user avatar or change the title field of profile.

I am not sure where this has come from but I have not changed any server settings.

.htaccess error maybe?

Error does not show when changing other fields.

I have not checked my logs yet.

The avatar issue seemed to be from using a PNG with transparency.

Trying to change the 'Title' field in profile still gives the same error. I have tried various names to no avail.


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Slavok wrote:

Thank you for the bug report.
We've fixed this error. You can get the actual version of the file from GitHub - profile.php
We are working on PunBB 1.4.4 now, where this error will be fixed, as well.

Thank you


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The ability to when posting a new topic or reply,
Upload an image like you do with fancy attachment but have the option to display inline.

Soo that there is no text link and no having to use an external host with the [ img ] tag manually.

Thanks in advance for any consideration for this smile


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This is fantastic news!

Now for the wants wink
One thing I have always wanted is the ability to place an image inline.
ie: when posting and uploading an image,
     have the option of it being placed in the message as an image and not a link.

That aside, it is great to see some activity in this corner smile

Thank You.


After getting to play around some I have found that when trying to update a user profile it complains of:
Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your profile can be updated:

    You entered an invalid LinkedIn account.

There never was one before and is not now. I was altering the 'title' field of the user profile.
not a super huge issue, just so it's known wink