Hi again folks,

Some example use Plupload, other use PluploadQueue, and I can really see a visual difference.

So what's the difference between

var uploader = $("#uploader").plupload({...});




Also, it seem that pluploadQueue returns nothing. I've not been able to bind event on the returned object, like:

var uploader = $("#uploader").pluploadQueue({...});
uploader.bind('FileUploaded', function(Up, File, Response) {
            if( (Uploader.total.uploaded + 1) == Uploader.files.length)

I must use a preinit: attachCallbacks option.

As you see, I've no precise question about that. I just can't find a general explaination in the doc (yet), so I'm asking... I might not be the only one who's having a hard time to figure the plupload vs pluploadQueue difference wink

Thanks !