Thanks for sharing. I am looking for an institution where i can take a one year french language programme at the very lowest cost no matter the location. can you help me? I also join class before. We have 9 people in class and spend real 3h 15min (9:00-12:45 with 30 min break) in class - writing, reading, speaking, practicing grammar, watching movies and listening music. I awant same class timing for my new class. Please help me.


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The forums software is absolutely outstanding and I have been using it with a very active forum for about 3 years now.Having these options that I am suggesting would greatly increase the efficiency and usage of my forums.


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It would be nice if you can hook it up somewhere after the announcement div. I could not find an appropriate one. People might get lazy scrolling down to the bottom to see the shoutbox, not to mention if the site has too many subs.