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I'm thinking to PHP7.0.0! ( And maybe later! )
I'm wondered how PunBB will continue the competition with other Board Scripts with supporting this old version of PHP!

Add some forum-->Edit forum--> You can select users availiblities in the bottom of the page, anddon't allow users and guests to show or post in some forums.


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Hello to all of PunBB community,
Today, I did some changes on Oxygen theme, I think I improved Oxygen to be a better theme. I call this style "Oxygen OPT" ( OPT=Optimized )
Changes and Improvements:

  • Oxygen_ie6.css, Oxygen_ie7.css and Oxygen_ie7.css are optimized.

  • index.html has some improvements.

  • Ubuntu Condensed is the default font.

  • Background uses gradients.

  • Normalize.CSS is attached.

  • Images and Avatars have border radius.

  • Responsivenav fonts are deleted. ( because using Ubuntu fonts )

Theme is the first version,Please tell me the mistakes or everything you think should fixed or added ( You can mail me for that. Mail Me. ) - I will update this theme later too - And you can download the theme from the bellow Links:

Download normal version
Download online loader version ( For poor servers )
I will add a new version later - That imports style sheet files from some CDNs and the size is really smaller.
Please participate in the poll too.
Online Loader Version ( For poor servers ) Loads all stylesheets and JavaScript files online, That means users' requests doesn't apply on your server, Rather it sends to 20Script servers.

Update: Oxygen OPT ( Online Loader ) link added.
Update: To use theme for Right To Left languages ( Like Persian and Arabic ) add the bellow code in the last line of Oxygen.min.css

html body * {direction: rtl !important;}

Topic in Persian PunBB forums
Update: I don't know why the fonts doesn't load correctly, However, You can wait for a final version ( and fix all bugs )
Good Luck! big_smile


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Yes it is, on line 6.
But, thanks to the developers at least for it.

Is your oxygen's main stylesheet minified?
Mine isn't, It's like this.

I can't believe it that PunBB's default style (Oxygen) has this kind of problems, Go here:


Open the above file, normally, Stylesheets with the .min.CSS suffixes are minified (Optimized) version, but can you see any minified code in the file? neutral

I think this problem must solve in PunBB 1.4.5, because it's a really awful mistake...

Visman wrote:

Punbb 1.4.4,
PHP 5.6.13,

BBCode buttons 1.4.18
Media.js 1.1.0
Spoiler BBcode 1.0.3
Stop spam from bots 0.3.3

Registration runs. The question is visible. If gave not the correct answer, again asks an accidental question.

PunBB 1.4.4 Persiab
All of the official extension visible here.
Registration doesn't work correctly. Pay attention that all extensions I use are translated to Persian.
I think the problem is with my PHP version ( seven ) and another thing, I use the following pattern to addressing threads in my forum ( I chose it in administration panel + I renamed .httaccess.dist to .httaceess to run it. )


Also I use Urban theme. These are all of my board information, the important point is my board's security question doesn't work yet.

Visman wrote:

1. Where the link to this extension which causes an error?
2. Where log of server errors (error.log)? Show errors here.

I don't know what's the name of that extension, because it's translated to persian, but if I translate it for you, It maybe something like this:
Stop spams by robots, by PunBB development team, V.0.3.3

When I go to the registration page ( Security Question ) Ther's no any error, Only thing happens is requesting some answer without existing any questions. ( I don't think it's required to check the Errors log page out.
But if you need, I can check error.log later, because now, I don't have permission to my CPanel.
Update: I found that extension, it's name is:

pun_stop_bots v0.3.3
The extension will ask some questions to prevent bot registration and posting.

And you can get the zip file of the extension here.

I think I must downgrade my PunBB version sad

PanBB.Ru wrote:

Back to punbb on 1.4.3.
In 4x version, it has incompatibility. End errors...
it is still wet. And for tested.

Ps: and even see on server file PHP_errors.log.
He writes all errors.

Good luck!

Recently, I received some reports that some people couldn't register in my PunBB board, to make sure, I personally tried registering section out, It occurs it's true, When someone go to register in my forums, After entering mail address and Username [and submitting the registration form] He/She will see an input element that tells us to enter the answer of anti-robot question, That's when there's no any question to answer. Have in mind that I set the questions in the administration panel.

I temporarily solved this problem, I set only one question in admin panel, that means in anti-robot question there's only one anwer  and when we enter that answer, the registration process works correctly.

I hope someone can help me to improve this problem.


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Get the persianized ( and right-to-left ) version of Urban here:

Can someone tell me what's this error?

Warning Administrator, the file cache/cache_bbcodes.php not there Click here to generate

When I disable or delete some extension at Admin>>Extensions the above error will be displays in the top of the page and It will still exist everywhere I browse in my Board except I click on the generate link. ( and it will take me to:)

abdulhalim wrote:

New Farsi(Persian) Language Pack for PunBB 1.4.3 [...]

I think the translator forgotten to put the new translation pack here, However, You can download the new pack from the Persian PunBB support website here.
I wanted to attach download links too, but unfortunately the Boards doesn't let me to attach more than one files...


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And I also have the same problem, I deleted cache files and I ran


but problem still exists.
I have a new alert that tell me update punbb to 1.4.4 when I have PunBB 1.4.4!