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Since my last reply, I have come across these folks: http://www.1and1.co.uk/managed-hosting.

All looks pretty legit so far in terms of managed hosting. Will keep you informed.


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esupergood wrote:

I've recently had to disable auto-registration due to spambots and spammers. I now require newbies to email me asking for an account.

To be honest, I find this is the only surefire way to stop bots. Wont deter the most tenacious spammers though.


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is it not just a simple add on? what software is your site running on?


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that was supposed to be, "don't know'


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I dont many different hosts, but I like this one.


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The one thing I would recommend, is not to make the mistake of trying to tackle CSS before HTML, because as it is 'under' HTML you think this makes sense. That might appear logical, but HTML is the simplest code, and you want to start with baby steps. Font dive into the deep sh*t at first.