freddykgb wrote:

Good to see you are enjoying punBB.

It's fantastic actually, really easy to follow the code and alter it to do what I want rather than being stuck with what someone else thinks is the best way of doing things. Gotta love the speed too big_smile 

freddykgb wrote:

Does you mod on line 162 work ? What does it show exactly?

It displays the last post summary on the forums index page taking into account any sub forums that exist. ie:
Was the default look after I installed the mod originally. The forum Xennate has a sub forum with 2 topics posted, the post count is correct but there is no last post summary, it is left blank.
This is what it looks like after the tweak detailed in the last post. The post count is still correct but now you also have the last post summary like the rest of the forums that have no sub forum.
Stir is the sub forum in Xennate as you can see from this shot.

Your's will no doubt look different asthetically since I've been hacking away at various elements to change the way the punbb looks to some extent, thats nothing special though mearly just css and some template/php changes.

Suppose I should add that these forums are for a mud hence the odd forum names tongue

Firstly Hi, been playing with PunBB for the last few days and loving it so far.

Anyway, I've installed this mod 1.0.4 with Last Topic Link but it wasn't showing the subforum posts on the index page, the post counts went up correctly but Last Post details where incorrect. So in good fashion I hit the source code to figure out why, quite a simple fix so I'm not sure if I missed this somehow after trying the install twice.

Basically, in index.php the routine that checks for the last post still uses $cur_forum['last_post'] which based off the last query run does not include any sub forums, this needs to be changed to $l_post which is setup through some for loops previous.

So change the line...

if ($cur_forum['last_post'] != '')


if ($l_post != '')

It around about line 162 in index.php

This should now display the last post details correctly taking into account sub forums.

Again appologies if this is something I've overlooked while installing, but if it helps anyone else with the problem then thats the main thing I guess. Now to figure out why Modern BBCode doesn't paste the smilie code when you use the 'more...' popup window.