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That's a very good bit of theming there.  I is impressed.

Must have been a lot of work though.

PNG transparency issue? I have little sympathy with that. Would using GIF kill you?  smile

I think your issue may be similar to this one:


Why choose PunBB 1.2?

Is that a vote of confidence in it's security?  smile


Once you've installed PunBB, that script has done it's job.

frankpeng wrote:

Yes. I am looking for this feature for a long time. It is not a good idea to store files on others' server.

Storing images on your own server has pros and cons. Mostly the cons outweight the pros, IMHO.

A big minus is the bandwidth hosting your own images can consume, as well as the extra server load image serving plus page loading can generate. Other negatives include the storage space image hosting can eat up, which also means extra backup hassles. And there are security risks sometimes in opening up your server to user upload of images.


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An excellent extension. Powerful and also easy to administer.

LOLing at use of MegaUpload for File size: 4.03 KB

But thanks for this extension - the proxy blocking element in particular will be very handy.

How many database queries are shown to be running on each page load?

And is the problem of slow load times at the server, or at the browser? That is to say, does the page take 5 minutes to render at the server, as measured by the code displayed at the bottom of the page, or does it take 5 minutes to display in your browser when you view the page?


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LOL. Grump grump grump.

But clearly a few minimum measures would be good to see - like yes, the nofollow tag should be there for all external links.


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Helping you would be easier if it was clear what you were talking about.

Learn to form sentences.


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NetHacker wrote:

I have created a website called NetHacker (how obvious?) and it is a community dedicated to security issues on todays world and internet age.


You are all welcome smile
(No... Really... I will be happy to have more members!)


Seems like your host (GoDaddy?) doesn't like you - your site is un-reachable and seems 'suspended for spam or abuse'.

That was quick...

Word for the wise: avoid GoDaddy as a host or domain registrar if you run a site that has controversial content.

'Sniffer' is one word. Another more common one is scraper.

HTTtrack will work fine. Just be careful to limit it to scraping the one site, not follow all the links off the site.

And be prepared to take the chance that the web site or forum administrator might ban you from accessing the site again if s/he detects you scraping hundreds of forum pages using a tool like httrack.

Most system administrators don't like scrapers. Including me. If I see something like that happen without my permission, it's a permaban from the whole server on the scraper's IP address/IP range, and the forum user too if I find them out.


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Tolkien wrote:

Does blog software allow responses of a great length?

Yes, unfortunately it does.

No one needs to alter any code. It looks like you are using a host who makes the SimpleScripts auto-installer available to their customers to install stuff like blogs and forums.

I think WordPress and Textpattern are on the list of blog software that SimpleScripts can install for you. Try installing either of those. You may find that they will work fine for you - or near enough - out of the box.


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Why are you using PunBB? From looking at your site, wouldn't blog software (eg WordPress, TextPattern, Movable Type etc) suit you better?

if it's possible to allocate admin status to a regualr user who can then sort out this problem?

Not via remote control from PunBB HQ. smile:)

The admin/owner of the forum is the only one who can give you the privileges you seek.

S/he could for example bump you up to moderator status, and then you could do stuff like close or delete threads etc.

You seem to be trying to build another access control function on top of a forum that already quite good access control.

Just get more granular with the way you classify your users and then apply that to the way you set forum access rights.

Have you tried this image hosting service:


They have a plugin for Pun and Flux 1.3 as well as 1.2.

They now use imageshack.us at the back-end, apparently, so they should be quite reliable.

Which search results?
Search results from an external search engine like Google?
Or search results from the internal Punbb search system?


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Can't you just do this via CSS?

This problem resembles the one solved by CSS over at Flux:

http://fluxbb.org/forums/topic/2960/add … sergroups/


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Pic related.

Pls define your problem more clearly.


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m4rk0 wrote:

My primary idea was that when I use punbb on my ISP website, I want that only specified IP class /24 or something like that have access to some let's say "Admin Notifications" forum... Other IPs can't see that forum... Etc...

Probably simpler to just control that directly via the conventional user group permissions settings per forum that you can already set via the Pun control panel - ie 'make the Admin Notifications' forum only viewable by users who are members of the group 'ISP Users', not Guest users. Etc


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Sium wrote:

PostImage.org now use imageshack.us for storage of not adult images

How does that work?

Does it have an impact on your SIU PunBB mod?

HaVoC wrote:

Basically, much like threads are currently 'Sticky' or 'Closed', I need to be able to tag them as 'NSFW'. It shouldn't change who can post in them and where they sit, just be a big bold tag. Is there any easy way of introducing this?

Even better, is there any way of introducing it so that a member can tag any post in that topic as being NSFW, and the forum will then apply that NSFW tag to the entire thread? A checkbox under Optional post settings would be great, plus a link at the bottom of posts (along with Edit, Delete, etc) to tag an existing post as NSFW, and a link in the moderator bar so moderators can tag things as well.


Two suggestions:

(1) Have a look at the official pun_tag extension (at the bottom of the page) to see if it will be useful to you:


(2) Just develop and enforce a convention with your users so that they learn to begin all NSFW threads or topics with the [NSFW] prefix in the subject.

Hi Jacky:

Yes, pls do port your mod across to 1.3.

1.3 has an official CAPTCHA extension

but a mod like yours would be a great complement to it as it has a number of advantages over a graphical CAPTCHA.

One can never have enough firepower at the ready to deal with spambots. They are relentless, as you know, and attacks on 1.3 are far from unknown.


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Some useful info:

http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/ … tions.html

The note about setting the crawl-delay in robots.txt may be particularly handy, if the bump in connections is caused by search bots hammering you.

The note about adding the 'php_value mysql.connect_timeout 20' line into your .htaccess for the forum might also do some good.