Thanks for the information, just before your message, i took a look on your forum and i've seen you managed to do some nice path files for images :
uploads/images/year/month/day/filename.jpg (or png)
Nice job smile

So you use an older one 0.3.9 is much before 0.4.9...but it seems to work nice on your forum

So you made a custom plugin or you got a newest release elsewhere? If so, where?
Edit : reading again, you said that it's better due to newest release of Firefox, not a newest release of plugin, my bad...

Be aware that this plugin Pan Uploader is not updated since 5 years at least (even on the new website) : … &id=60
"Last updated: 2018.03.02"
"Version: 0.4.9"


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Thanks for making a new plugin, you should update your personal info because "PunBB.INFO" is no longer a website about PunBB, somebody bought the domain name to make something totally different.
So is the new and (same, now it's no longer PunBB things) ?

Hi Marakat, in the russian website of punbb (it was before but they let the domain name go down, now it's
That topic for Pan Uploader :
To download, it's here : … &id=60
You have to be a member, but i've seen in the topic that you already are a member there.
EDIT : it changed, i tried without being logged, and i can download it, so you should be able to download it just like that.

P.S : I'm french too wink


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Only Visman is keeping it alive (his version in github is the most advanced, more updated) :
Some good updates in some extensions too :


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You're right, i've installed with a few extensions, i found the guilty one : "Pan Framework 0.1.8" (when i disable that one, the message disappears, if i activate the message appears).
It's that extension :

*Edit* the error has already been mentionned but not fixed, the error is explained here by belelectroteam :

"There is a bug in this extension (version 0.1.8)! Hooks are installed in the manifest.xml
file at the end (3 pieces). So the third hook has the variable main_tpl , but it should be the other way around - tpl_main . There, in the third hook, you need to correct the name of the variable in two places. Here's this piece of code (with a bug fixed):

<hook id="ft_about_end" priority="10"><![CDATA[if(!defined('COPY_PUNBB_INFO')){$tpl_main=str_replace('<a href="">PunBB</a>','<a href="">PunBB</a>',$tpl_main);define('COPY_PUNBB_INFO', 1);}]]></hook>

Probably, we need to make version 0.1.9.

And you will have a clean error log!"

Visman wrote:

delete .htaccess file in extensions/pan_uploader/

I still have to do that after a fresh install of the latest version, if i don't, i don't have any icon to upload and admin "options" is not available (error 500).

EDIT : with a fresh new install of the forum (latest version of PunBB by Visman and latest version of Pan Uploader, JQuery and Pan Framework, it works with php 8 smile


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Hi, with a fresh new install of
I have this error with php 8 :

Warning: Undefined variable $main_tpl in / : eval()'d code on line 10

Back to php 7.4 the error disappears, going back to php 8, the error is back again.

PanBB.Ru wrote:

Please, provide php log, what error you got. Thx

It uploads the file with php 8 on my forum (i can see in uploader in the admin section, the image is here), but it doesn't make the bbcode and says "When you upload a file an error has occurred." and after some time, like it doesn't make the code to display in the message, the file that was uploaded is deleted (i've seen that now).

Where do i see the php log?

EDIT : i've just updated pun jquery and pan framework to the last version available on, still the same bug with the latest versions of pun jquery and pan framework.

Hi, somebody knows what to do to make this extension compatible with php 8?


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Visman wrote:

UP 2021-03-13

38. Fix search (Uncaught Error: mysqli_result object is already closed in ...) for PHP 8 … f11550a9ef

UP 2021-03-17

39. Change email bbcode … 547f79e3d1

    (P.S. Change the handler so that the html validator doesn't swear at bad emails addresses.)
    (P.P.S. I doubt that XSS can exist where all the text characters ', ", < and > are replaced with html entities.)
    (P.P.P.S. In PunBB 1.4.6, everything is done wrong tongue)

With the last sentence saying everything is done wrong in PunBB 1.4.6, you've answered my question : … by-visman/

It seems that your version is still the better one and more updated wink


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Hello, i've seen there's a new version of PunBB named PunBB 1.4.6 :
"PunBB 1.4.6
PunBB 1.4.6 has been released

Version 1.4.6 offers: fixed possible XSS vulnerability in the email BBcode tag (thanks to Igor Sak-Sakovskiy from; added restrictions to use BBcode inside the email tag.

Dowloads: get PunBB 1.4.6 on Downloads page.

Posted on 2021-03-09"

Is that version more updated or better than the last one of PunBB by Visman?

As in July 2020, PunBB by Visman was more advanced than the last version of PunBB 1.4.5 (2020 last version) : … 72-and-74/


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Visman wrote:

v … _stop_bots

This version does not use cookies.
User is asked only once, the guest is asked every time.

Checking with google chrome, i made various posts as guest and php 8.0.1, it works. I will test more, but if i don't say anything more about it, it means that it works fine, thank you Visman, you're the best smile
EDIT : i made other posts with Google Chrome and Firefox, everything is fine in both, the question is not still the same so the random function works fine (there are  2 questions possible) and it worked each post. I tried with php 7.4, it works fine too.

Visman wrote:

P.S. I don't use Chrome (it transfers too much data to Google).

And i guess you're right, as i use Linux Mint, i may better use Chromium or Firefox.


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Using console in Chrome (F12 is correct), the only messages i get at the time of the question failed as guest is :

responsive-nav.min.js:1 [Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'touchstart' event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See
m @ responsive-nav.min.js:1
_init @ responsive-nav.min.js:1
v @ responsive-nav.min.js:1
d @ responsive-nav.min.js:1
(anonymous) @ new-reply66.html:149
[Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 33ms

EDIT : If you have google chrome, i can give you the url of the forum and the answer to question, you can test yourselft as guest, maybe you'll see better where is the error.


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Ok i have tried with php 7.4, it works fine smile
- When i am as guest, it asks me everytime the question
- When i am as a norma member, it asks me the question for the first post, but doing other posts, it doesn't ask me no more. You said, it will ask every 2 weeks after that?

I will give a try for the same things with php 8.0 and will tell you if there are some errors.

EDIT, test with php 8.0 :
- When i am guest, i answer one question, and it doesn't make the post, it asks me again the question (or another question), i have tried to answer many times, it doesn't accept, endless question.

EDIT 2, back to php 7.4, testing more :
- the same can happen as guest, endless question, can not post, so it works aleatory, random, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I am using google chrome, i will try with firefox if there's a difference.

EDIT 3 : it worked with firefox as a guest with php 7.4, while it now still not working as guest with google chrome, i tried then with php 8.0 and firefox and it works too, so it seems to be a cookie problem with google chrome, not php version.


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Oh thanks a lot, i have to try that one, i'll tell you.

Visman wrote:

the other problem is that it asks questions to members

The question is asked to users once every 2 weeks.

I'm not sure we talk about the same extension, the extension i'm talking about ask question every post for guests and users, it's that one :
"pun_stop_bots v0.3.3
The extension will ask some questions to prevent bot registration and posting."

I deactived this extension because of some errors, i should reactivate to see which errors.

Which extension are you talking about ?

Any way to make "Stop spam from bots" more updated for php 7.4 or php 8.0? I have some errors on this extension, i had to desactive, the other problem is that it asks questions to members and guests, it would be better to ask only guests.

I didn't find any more responsive theme, but i forgot to mention after my post that i found a solution very simple for middle size screen and big screen.
In the directory style then the file Oxygen.min.css (style/Oxygen.min.css) you can adjust min and max width around the line 180.
Mine is now as this :

.brd {
    padding: 1em em;
    margin: 0 auto;
    max-width: 1900px;
    min-width: 700px;
    width: 98%

It was on max-width 1300px and less % about width of screen, so it's normal it was very small in full hd which 1920 width, it makes 620px left.
Now it fits much better for middle size screen (like 1366*768) and big screen (full hd like 1920*1080) smile
The only screen it doesn't fit so good, is the small screen (smartphone) which is 720p, that would mean 720 width and 1280 height.

Hi, looking the themes, i don't see any that would be really responsive, it doesn't fit well for small screens (smartphone) and big screen (full hd 1920*1080) the board is very small compared to the size, some real responsive themes i've tried for phpbb fit well for all : small screens (lower resolution like some smartphones), middle size screen (intermediate like 1366*768), big screen (full hd), it fit well to the size of each one.
So i would like to have a real responsive theme or any way to adapt one of them ? Like the default theme for example.


Hello, when i try Pan Uploader 0.4.9 with php 8.0 it says "When you upload a file an error has occurred." when i try to upload a file.
It works nice with php 7.4 so the problem is when you switch to php 8.0
Any idea what it could be?

Edit : as far as i know Pan Uploader 0.4.9 is the latest version : … &id=60
Extension Info
Poster: PunBB
Author: Sempai, Xakker, PunBB.INFO
Version: 0.4.9
PunBB Min: 1.4.4
PunBB Max: 1.4.4
DB type: Any DataBase
File size: 65.8 Kb
Downloads: 126
Last updated: 2018.03.02


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I made those changes, it works for php 7.4 and 8.0 (for mysqli, i made change for sqlite3 file too, but i don't use it, so i don't know), topics and posts display correctly now, Visman you're the boss smile

EDIT : checking post as guest or member, it works too, but i try to upload an image with Pan Uploader 0.4.9 ((the last version i know), it says "When you upload a file an error has occurred." but that's another topic, i'll make report in the topic of Pan Uploader as this extension works fine with php 7.4

Thanks Visman smile


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I've just tried (changed and uploaded the 2 files) that with php 7.4, it works, switching to php 8.0 the error change a little bit when i go to topics or posts, not the same line :

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: mysqli_free_result(): Argument #1 ($result) must be of type mysqli_result, bool given in /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ Stack trace: #0 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ mysqli_free_result(true) #1 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ DBLayer->close() #2 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ require('/homepages/3/d5...') #3 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ require('/homepages/3/d5...') #4 {main} thrown in /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ on line 256

Edit : as it doesn't work, i came back to original files and php 7.4


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Hello, when i try php 8.0 (beta) with my host (to check if PunBB could work in the future with php version after 7.4), forum list, forums with list of topics display well, but when i click on a topic or a post, it crashes, it doesn't display, only i have errors messages.
Clicking on a post i get this error :

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: mysqli_free_result(): Argument #1 ($result) must be of type mysqli_result, bool given in /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ Stack trace: #0 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ mysqli_free_result(true) #1 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ DBLayer->close() #2 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ require('/homepages/3/d5...') #3 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ require('/homepages/3/d5...') #4 {main} thrown in /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ on line 246

On a topic, same type of error :

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: mysqli_free_result(): Argument #1 ($result) must be of type mysqli_result, bool given in /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ Stack trace: #0 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ mysqli_free_result(true) #1 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ DBLayer->close() #2 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ require('/homepages/3/d5...') #3 /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ require('/homepages/3/d5...') #4 {main} thrown in /homepages/3/d530603777/htdocs/ on line 246

Line 246 in include/dblayer/mysqli.php says :


I use Visman punbb version, the last one, so it's the more updated version we can have of PunBB (compatible with php 7.4), that includes some fix for php 8 :

Any way to fix this?