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Thank you :there was no extra slash in config.php, the problem was with the url scheme. Now I have an exact online copy of this PunBB and I am able to make some tests with php 7.4.


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Thanks for answering, but it does not work. I need some help, please.
My problem : my hosting provider went to PHP 7.4 overnight. And I have error messages on home page. https://katryne.legtux.org/agora/

I managed to correct some errors with some files from Visman master 1.4.4, but I cannot go further because other errors occur : one cannot post or cannot log ...

So I created a copy of the forum on a twin folder : https://katryne.legtux.org/aagora/

There, I changed the url in config.php, then I uploaded over it the whole of Visman's master 1.4.4.

Home page opens correctly, with the same errors as original, but none of the inside links works (404 error). I looked into the sqlite file, and I see 778 links with the full url of the original forum (.../agora, instead of .../aagora for the new twin website)

What can I do please to have a forum working with php 7.4 without loosing my datas ?

What should I do to move my forum to an other address ?
Thank you


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Hello !
Is there a way to make polls open to non-connected visitors ? They cannot even see it.

Hello !
I too would like a rss feed for any new message and not only any new thread. Does it exist ?
Thanks for any help.


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Hello !
If you configured registration so that new members must validate their registration by email, your created member won't show in the list unless he answers to the mail the website is sending. So, in this configuration, it is perfectly normal that he does not appear in the list.

In order to create a new member and make it fully active you must uncheck the email validation setting just before creating the member. And he will be listed immediately as a member. You may notch again the validation setting once he is created.

No need to modify the data base.


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Thank you Visman. Everything is in order now.


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Hello ! My hosting provider Legtux provider just passed the server under php 7.2


Système d’exploitation: Linux
    PHP: 7.2.2-1+0~20180205160612.18+jessie~1.gbpb78b58

And there are some error messages above each post.

Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /var/www/legtux.org/users/revest/www/include/parser.php on line 813 Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /var/www/legtux.org/users/revest/www/include/parser.php on line 818

Can you help, please ?

Hello Tato !
Maybe the extension lang file is not complete in your language. Which would explain the missing line in the error message.
Maybe you can try to pass your site in English, just for a moment, in order to check if a meaningful complete message is displayed ?


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Hello ! There used to be a web directory extension for a very old version of Pun BB https://fluxbb.fr/forums/viewtopic.php?id=6668&p=3
Does it exist somewhere today ? Or has a similar extension been developped ?
Thanks !

@ Antow
Comme je te l'ai écrit par mail hier, il n'est pas compatible avec la dernière version de PunBB (1.4.4).
Si tu veux vraiment vérifier,  tu télécharges le zip, tu le décompresses en local et tu le transfères par FTP dans le dossier /extensions de ton PunBB. Ensuite, dans l'administration de ton site, tu le vois listé sous l'onglet Extensions dans les extensions à installer. Tu cliques sur "Installer une extension". Et voilà .... Enfin presque, car il te manqueras le fichier de langue en Français. Comme je ne trouve pas le moyen de le proposer ici, tu peux me demander que je te l'envoie par mail.
Mais personnellement, je n'ai pas réussi à faire fonctionner cette extension. Donc, je n'ai pas proposé ma traduction en téléchargement.

PanBB.Ru wrote:

Updated to 0.4.1 version.

To switch to the new version need to perform 3 simple steps.
1. Upload new extension files over old ones.
2. Sign in to the boot Uploader configuration and upgrade them.
3. Refresh your browser cache.

Hello PunBB.ru !
Are you sure I won't loose any file or images in the update process ? My forum has become a stocking area for our project ...

Hello again :
I notice an other issue in the subscription email : the link to the new post is not correct : it leads to the previous page.
For instance, if the thread has 5 pages, the link to the last post will be for the 4th page. And if I click on the permalink at the top of the message, it leads me back one page before.

It could be an issue with the extension "Header In Each Message" ?

Hello, I subscribed to a forum.
Warning emails about new answers are correct.
Warning emails about new topic lack some information.
Here is the beginning of the a mail that I receive :

> a créé un nouveau sujet dans le forum 'les oratoires' auquel vous êtes abonné.

Voici la message qui a ete écrit par : <topic_starter

The name of the writer is replaced on first line at first by >
and on the second line by <topic_starter

Where should I look, please ?

PunBB 1.4.4


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Hello !
Do you know a way to display a pdf in a message ? Iframe or other, according of course to the configuration of the internaut browser as far as PDF is concerned.
Thank you

Yes ! Thank you ! That corrected the problem. Many many thanks.


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Thanks for trying to help, but I do not understand what is the problem and what I must do to correct it.

Thanks. Difficult to understand, I am no coder, sorry.

Maybe it was because I subscribed to email for forums where there was no message yet.
I will unsubscribe to empty forums and see what happens.

Or because I had subscribed to a topic which was deleted afterwards ?

Since this morning, it has become impossible to answer to own of the topic. Cannot show you, it is in the private part of the forum.

Error message says :

Désolé ! La page ne peut être chargée.
Cette erreur peut être temporaire. Actualisez la page. Si le problème persiste, essayez à nouveau dans 5-10 minutes.
Le serveur BDD a répondu: near "AND": syntax error (Errno: 1).
Impossible d'exécuter la requête : SELECT u.id, u.email, u.notify_with_post, u.language FROM dbtusers AS u INNER JOIN dbtsubscriptions AS s ON u.id=s.user_id LEFT JOIN dbtforum_perms AS fp ON (fp.forum_id=34 AND fp.group_id=u.group_id) LEFT JOIN dbtonline AS o ON u.id=o.user_id LEFT JOIN dbtbans AS b ON u.username=b.username WHERE b.username IS NULL AND COALESCE(o.logged, u.last_visit)> AND (fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1) AND s.topic_id=84 AND u.id!=2
Une erreur est apparue à la ligne 2725 dans le fichier /var/www/lXXX/www/include/functions.php

Where should I look ? Is the data based damaged ?

PunBB 1.4.4
    Système d’exploitation: Linux
    PHP: 5.6.29-0+deb8u1
    Accélerateur: Sans objet

Base de données


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Thanks for answering.

As your mik.php file connected to PunBB?

How should I know ? I am no coder. I tried only to modify the look.

At first, when I modified the theme, I changed colors, border, font  ... in Oxygen css file.
Then I thought that maybe the reference to Oxygen should be left. So I replaced Oxygen occurences by mik anywhere inside the theme and in the names of files and I copied an original Oxygen theme and place it near the mik package. And I chose mik in configuration.

It is the way it works in several cms that I use and I thought it could work too.

Did I miss anything ?


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Sorry, here is the code of mik.php file, if it is what you need.


$forum_loader->add_js($base_url. '/style/mik/responsive-nav.min.js', array('weight' => 55, 'async' => false, 'group' => FORUM_JS_GROUP_SYSTEM));
$forum_loader->add_js($base_url. '/style/mik/rainbow.js', array('weight' => 55, 'async' => false, 'group' => FORUM_JS_GROUP_SYSTEM));
$forum_loader->add_js($base_url. '/style/mik/link_blank.js', array('weight' => 55, 'async' => false, 'group' => FORUM_JS_GROUP_SYSTEM));
$forum_loader->add_css($base_url.'/style/mik/mik.min.css', array('type' => 'url', 'group' => FORUM_CSS_GROUP_SYSTEM, 'media' => 'screen'));

$tpl_main = str_replace('<!-- forum_board_title -->', forum_htmlencode($forum_config['o_board_title']), $tpl_main);
$tpl_main = str_replace('<!-- forum_lang_menu_admin -->', $lang_common['Menu admin'], $tpl_main);
$tpl_main = str_replace('<!-- forum_lang_menu_profile -->', $lang_common['Menu profile'], $tpl_main);



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I mean php : I mispelled when entering here the text of the message. The file is indeed mik.php


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Hello !

My theme mik is based on Oxygen : I only modified colours and fonts.
An error message is briefly displayed after saving any page, admin side or public side.
I says :

undefined variable : tpl_main in ... style/mik/mik.pkp on line 8

What did I miss ? Can you help, please ?


I will be happy to test when available, thanks.

Hello !

As administrator, I want to receive a supervision / monitoring email for any message posted on my forum.
I did not found how : I can receive such a mail only as an ordinary member, if I have asked to be informed of any new reply to a topic I subscribed to. And if I do not visit the forum (being connected) in the meanwhile, I won't receive any mail about new message.

Yesterday, my forum was spammed and I learnt about it in my rss reader, where I had subscribed to my forum rss feed !!!

Surely, I missed a configuration, but where ? Can you help, please ?

Thank you