Depends on if you are looking for something that you can use for free, or if you are willing to pay for it.

Here's a Wikepedia chart discussing tools and functions. You might find it useful. … ling_tools

I think "free" and "support" don't go well together in a vague sentence. You would have to give more info and a really good reason or incentive as to why people are giving you their time and effort for free.

I'm also not much of a Godaddy fan. Most hosts give you a free domain name, so that's not really a draw. I would say do your homework. Sometimes it's actually better to pay a little more. After all you do get what you pay for right? I would look into their scalability and security. of course it all depends on your needs and what you are actually doing with it.

If it's a professional website, don't go with an unprofessional host.

Certainly not visible

What an unusual request. I would say you can enter the email address onto sites where they tell you to sign up or deals. You get spammed hardcore with those. Plus I think they sell the email address to others. I went to an exhibition once and put my email address into one draw.......ended up with about 30 companies spamming me. I just ended up abandoning that email address.

sophia123 wrote:

As per google guidelines, you should not used any special characters in your domain name. Try to make your domain as simple as you can. Happy!!!

I second this. When choosing a domain name, you need to keep the users in mind, not just the brand or image you are trying to portray. Almost no one searches for urls with special characters. You are really limiting yourself here.