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Is there an RSS feed for all forums and posts. somehow I get no contribution appears when I subscribe normal feed
.../feed-rss.xml. I only get messages when someone opens a forum. But an article in this forum is not displayed. I just need for the entire forum, a feed of all new entries shows. So forum posts. Is there a possibility?

the last post is from 07.09 http://www.battle.24find.de/feed-rss.xml with the standard feed. but in the newsfeed of latest Post 13.09 is this feed http://www.battle.24find.de/feed-rss-topic65.xml

is somewhere out an error on my part?
Thanks 4 Help

I also need such a feature. can not in settings with forums to create a new forum and it is an empty html or php field. I would like to create a new forum itself field with link to a blank url

Very good. The Assistant makes a lot of work. Thank you very much.

I get this warning in Version 1.4.4

Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in .. ../include/functions.php on line 420


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Yes it works. thank you

I would it but user-friendly choice when you get such a picture then uploaded also equal to the bbcode displayed when pun_uploader for [audio].

you can do that installing or say in the uploader as I could rebuild the PanBB.Ru

Thank you for your quick help and support.


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I sva_mediajs attempts. it's not working. in firefox does not play and opera, he hangs up.

http://www.battle.24find.de/viewtopic.php?pid=114#p114 < the last post is sva_mediajs

I use the pan_uploader and am very happy with how it works so far. and images are immediately shown the upload. very good for my user in the forum to use. can not just make for mp3 you that. that would for me then be enough for now.

I have a forum for music and graphic artist so it comes to Battle. People are pictures and upload music and it is to be displayed and played. I had previously Joomla1.5. But it is outdated and now I would like the PunBB forum verweden it.

Thank you very much


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can create or expand your own uploaded files can also play a html5 audio (mp3) / video bbcode player?

in the way [audio] self url [/ audio] or [video] self url [/ video]

Please without flash if possible. vlt. with jplayer or browser plugins own if possible.

Thank you very much
sorry for the bad english google