Visman wrote:

If I remember correctly, it is possible to mass delete users in the admin area -> users.

Set an antispam/antibot modification for the forum, for example

Or update the version of your forum.

I can look up users but I cant delete from there. I can block them but their hundreds of bot posts still show sad
thanks for the link Im looking now

Hi I have PunBB 1.2.17 very old version.

Lately I am flooded with spam and theres no way to mass delete them, I have to delete 1 by 1. sad

I'm not technical, so I dont know how to do heavy modifications or anything. when I click to check for upgrade it just says "Check for upgrade failed for unknown reasons."

Is there anything I can do to stop spammers, or do I need to do a totally new install for new version?

I've been deleting posts for 25 minutes and still have hundreds more. I want to cry sad