Superb advice PanBB.RU it did the trick! Thank you!

PanBB.Ru wrote:


<button class='red' id='js-button'>Нажать</button>


.red {
    color: red;

.green {
    color: green


$('#js-button').on('click', function(){
    if ($(this).hasClass('red')) {
        $(this).removeClass('red').addClass('green').html('Ещё раз');

Will give it a shot, thank you for the snippets

Nobody has any ideas as to how I can fix this?

How can i make a jQuery script that toggles visibility of a div and at the same time toggles anchor text of a button?

function toggle(user_id) {
   e = document.getElementById('toggleUserinfo_' + user_id);
   a = document.getElementById('displayUserinfo_' + user_id);
   if ( == 'block') { = 'none';
       a.innerHTML = ‘Open';
   } else { = 'block';
       a.innerHTML = ‘Close';

I tried to search for it and came up with the following. However i want something more clean and based on jQuery instead of javascript. I need the script to show more information in the table with a button here.

Any ideas ?