May I please ask how to create a directory where browsers aren't allowed?

Above my directory?  Or, perhaps with limited permissions?  If it has limited permissions, is it that php will have permission there and not other users?  I checked the owner of the files within my cache directory, and those are owned by me.



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So, <CTRL> F will search through multiple pages?

Or, do you guys just do it over and over on each page of the thread?  'Cause that's not so much better than scanning.

I'm talking about threads with up to fifty pages here.  They are pretty common on most of the forums that I visit.


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One of the most terrible things that I find myself doing in an internet forum environment is manually scanning each and every page of a gargantuan thread for a tiny piece of information that I want.

I propose that the next version of PunBB should include a thread search function which searches a thread for a word or phrase.  This would be an extremely helpful feature.  I know I'd use it all the time.

Possible?  Not Possible?  Stupid?

What do you think?

Gizzmo wrote:

this might not really fit with some styles. but its all up to you.

get the colors from section 1.1 and 1.2 than lower it down or up a bit than paist it in the css code from post #2

Yeah, that's what I've been doing.

I just thought there'd be an easy trick to it.  Oh well, it's cool. 

Thanks a lot for this.  The effect is so simple, yet it really adds a nice touch to the forum.

Gizzmo wrote:

does your tr's lool like the code in post #8. if it does, may we see a link, or could you post the source.

Oh man, I'm sorry!  I figured it out.  I had put it in the wrong <tr> tag.

But, I have a whole lot of extra themes.  Do you have any advice about how to quickly find which colors I should use for each theme?

I've added all three code snippets and I'm not getting any color change when mousing over my table panes.

Anything I should look out for to make sure I did it correctly?

I added the code to the bottom of oxygen_cs.css and I added the other code inside of the correct <tr> tags in viewforum.php and in index.php

Hi there, elbekko!

First, I'd like to say that I love the mod!  I had been thinking that someone should stick the smilies in the unused area to the right of the text entry box. =o)

I have two questions for you:

1) May I ask how I can add this to edit.php?

2) How can I change the code so that it inserts the clicked smiley where the cursor is?  Right now it always inserts at the end of the message.  I had been using Rickard's Easy BBCode Mod, which I just replaced with Pun ToolBar.  The Easy BBCode mod would insert at the current cursor possition.  Is this difference due to the fact that your mod technically sits below the code that contains the textarea?  Can this change be done?

Thanks so much for any help!

This is my first foray into PHP and CSS, so go easy on me.  It's mostly stock and pre-built mods.

I used PunFrontPage as thebase and added a few mods including some smiley management and a gallery.

I'm actually using PunBB as the basis of my entire site, rather than just a forum.

The Site Started as a way to keep in touch with my friends back home, but (of course) it's purpose evolves daily.
I want the users to be able to contribute a lot, but because I am such a newbie to PHP, databases, and CSS, I cannot really modify it to do the things I am imagining.  I want each user to have his/her own section in the gallery by default where only that user can post images and delete them.  I also want an additional section in their profiles where each user can write about themselves which is parsed for BBcode, and post a single picture (maybe limited to 500x500px) in the profile.  This profile page would be displayed first when viewing the user's profile (of course with essential info first above it, name, email, website, age).

There are a whole lot of other mods which I'd like to make to the site too.  I'm creating a music section which is ultra simple, just a table with info and links to downloads.  Eventually, if it gets big, I want to make it searchable and sortable by different categories.  I'd also like to link these to the artist's profile somehow so that a link in their profile shows a list of the mixes and tracks that user has submitted to the site.  I'd also like the PM system to have an option of a popup window alerting the user to new messages.  Guess I'd better learn me some PHP quickly, eh?

I would appreciate any help anyone would be willing to give me.

I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Just be easy on me...


Perfect!  Thank you!

I'm not sure if this has been reported before or if it's a known bug, but I have this problem:

I've been using the PM system on my PunBB fora for a while, and I finally wanted to check my "sent messages" section.

But, whenever I click on "Switch to Sent" it always has zero messages there.  I've sent many messages, though.

Any ideas?  Is this common?


I'm writing a new page for my site for Music downloads.

It's extremely simple, just a table with info and links.  I'm using the new page template so that I have the header and footer on the page too.

I have two problems:

1.  How can I protect the page to make sure only registered and logged-in users can access and download the files?

2.  It seems that after I've been on the new page for a while (even if I click on links while I'm there) I get removed from the list of online users.  What can I add to make sure that people browsing this new page still get listed in the list of online users?

Thank you so much for any help anyone can provide!

I'm learning so much about PHP and CSS from this project, but I've still never done it before.
Thanks so much for PunBB, Rickard!  I like it much better than any of the other Forum choices out there.

Rickard wrote:

I'd use a robots.txt file.

I've read that robots.txt doesn't work on a shared server.

If it does, I'd be happy to use one.  What should I put in it, and where should I upload it?

I'd like to have a start page at the / directory of my site, so that if you go to, you see a link to

I want to have a box with a title bar like those used in the forum, so that it uses the same colors that the viewer has set for themselves in their profile.  I want to be able to set the text of the title bar, and have some text, an image and a link to the rest of the site within the box.  The box should be around 500 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall, centered in the middle of the window horizontally and vertically.

It seems easy, but I'm VERY rusty on this stuff.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Also, If it makes any difference, I use the PunBB frontpage mod.

Thanks so much for any help anyone can give me!  I just can't figure it out...

May I ask how I can block search bots from scanning ANY forum pages?

Should I just add

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW" />

to the top of all pages associated with PunnBB?