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Jediru use a extension subforum listed here.

See CSS archive in to Jediru server.


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I've found something close to what I'm looking for that works on Fluxbb


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Hello everyone

I'm working on implementing a Punbb forum. In this project I will need sub-forums.

The big big question is that the default appearance provided by extension sub-forums does not fit the design of my project.

Looking for more on the subject, I find a forum that uses punbb that looks the way I need.

The question is: how do you make sub-forums look like the one you see at Jediru Forums?

Thank you all for your attention.

Any News about us?


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Thanks for punbb community


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In Luna forum this recurse is avaliable.


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Hey friends,

Make a best answer tip for Q2A is possible?

This is a best feature.


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Is possible include meta tags Opengraph in punbb?


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Punbb forever.

Punbb is first of the forun's podium.

Very Cool, Thanks for this.