Wow cool! This makes PunBB even better! Thank you Chrippa! I really like this mod!  big_smile

Thanks! It works great now! smile

To make this mod work with PunBB 1.1:

1. Open:  livepreparser.php
2. Find:

} if($permissions['message_bbcode'] == '1'){

3. Replace with:

} if($pun_config['p_message_bbcode'] == '1'){

4. Find:

} if($permissions['message_img_tag'] == '1'){

5. Replace with: 

} if($pun_config['p_message_img_tag'] == '1'){

6. Find:

} if($options['smilies'] == '1'){

7. Replace with

} if($pun_config['o_smilies'] == '1'){

Edit: Oh yeah one more thing:

1. Open: liveprelayer.php
2. Find:

<td colspan="2" class="pun_con2">

3. Replace with

<td colspan="2" class="puncon2">

Upload both livepreparser.php and liveprelayer.php and this nifty Mod should be working again! wink



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Should I post it to the front page now?

Today I did a fresh install of PunBB 1.1 and have installed Mod PunPoll 1.1.3 with no problems. I vote yes! wink

I really like the new layout of the User List. smile

Thank You for all the work you put into PunBB! :thumbs up:

[Edit] Instead of:  Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 Rickard Andersson
Can I just put: Copyright 2002-2004 Rickard Andersson ?[/Edit]

Currently Mod PunPoll does not work with the following browsers:
Mozilla 1.5
Netscape 7.1
Mozilla Firebird 0.7

This is because of a Javascript issue which keeps the pollform div hidden, even after the showpoll check box is checked.

Here is a way to fix this:

Open: header.php

Search for: = (box.checked == true) ? 'block' : 'none';

Replace with:

document.getElementById('pollform').style.display = (document.getElementsByName('showpoll')[0].checked == true) ? 'block' : 'none';

Now this great mod should work with all those browsers. wink


And another thing:

At: admin_options.php

If "User has posted earlier" is set to "yes" then the error:

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch topic list for forum.

will be outputted when viewing a forum such as: viewforum.php?id=1

Is there any way to fix this?

For reference:

User has posted earlier
This feature displays a dot in front of topics in viewforum.php in case the currently logged in user has posted in that topic earlier. Disable if you are experiencing high server load.      Yes    No

Thanks for making such a cool mod!


I installed this mod using :

Mod title:  PunPoll
PunBB: 1.1
Mod version:  1.1.3

Here is a quick fix for the error encountered when visiting the Polls Admin Panel.

1. Open up admin_polls.php
2. On line 28, Find: require 'include/commonadmin.php';
3. Replace with: require 'include/common_admin.php';

Elijah wink