Yes. I have tried to disable, then clear cache and enable again (and empty cache again)..  and uninstalled/deleted the application totally (watching it beeing gone from extensions in punbb) and then reuploading fresh copy to ftp. It appears in Extensions, I click Install, the clear cache.. but still no go. I have several other extensions installed, so my only guess is that one of them is interfering with this one. So I have tried to disable everything else and install punBBcode again, but that didn't work either.

I still have this problem, even after removing and reinstalling the application.

Any ideas? I tried to apply the code that Huuuze above here suggested, but still no buttons. I had these buttons before I upgraded punBB to the current version, but after that, I have never seen them. I downloaded the latest punBBCode (v1.3.6) and installed again, but no luck. Now I don't know what more to do...


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I have a lot of spam in my forum. I have emailactivation validated...

I don´t know what to do anymore.. spammers are very active.. I ban and ban, but they sign up with new ip/email all the time. Wonder how they do it.. For me, it looks like robots.


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Forum at

Not done mutch with it however, simplier to upgrade that way smile