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and a problem i installed SCEditor
and didnt work i also installed pun_jquery


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Use extension Pan Moderator for it

i uploaded on my host and installed it
but when i click on settings (extensions/pan_moderator/admin/settings.php)
its respond with error:

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.
Page Not found (Error 404):
The requested page extensions/pan_moderator/admin/settings.php could not be found.

i tried with give premission didnt work
and settings.php is available


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i want to change post time to post title in default theme
how i can do that?


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i think you can use CKEditor or NicEdit on punbb you making punbb very very easy to use for new people who dont know anything about codes.


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i mean when i use BOLD in in text i dont want to go like this:

[b] Punbb [/b] 

or changing color or other options
i want to change selected text to bold text immediately before submit like xenforo or other forum softwars


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Can anyone change bbcode to live effect so member dont need to use codes and dont confuse using bbcode


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wow someone already did Thank you PanBB.Ru


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i'm saeed and i'm from iran i found punbb this week and i was going to run forum for our open source and Linux friends
when i found punbb i saw there is no punbb persian support , now i want merge our forum and punbb persian fans so for start
i need a friend help me with get edit default theme and change direction and post style to Right
i can handle translate if anyone help me with rtl theme
Thank you