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I guess that there isn't. smile

Somebody is willing to build it for a budget price?

If yes please contact me with an offer trough private message.



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Hi There,

there is any mod to show on the post page a related set of posts based on the title or content of the post itself?

Thank you.


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Switching to absolute URLs should be very easy in 1.3. At least for the non-admin part of the forums.

http://dev.punbb.org/file/branches/punb ? ewrite.php

Can I use this on Punbb 1.2.11?

Will I be able to update from 1.2.11 to 1.3 with not too much pain?


Hi guys,

I can read english and I see that the developer doesn't support this mod anymore.

There is any chance to make it working?

I woul like to have this mode on my Site.



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I managed to integrate Punbb on my website layout and it works smoothly!

Have a look:Routehunter

Now I need just some user! lol

I am running PunBB 1.2.11 and this mod seems not working. Any help? Or it's my fault?

I had tried to follow the instruction but the files are different.



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Hi to everyone!

I am integrating PunBB and I am working fine. I would like to put a link in a page out of the forum page and have the log-in log-out link.

The only think I need is to find the ID of the user logged in.

If it is stored in a cookie i need $_COOKIE[?????]...any suggestion?