Sorry for my poor English,
My first PunBB work fine in  ,
I love PunBB because it is too fast and easy for use smile

My First PunBB - Vice City Forum

by the way,
every body also can visit my punbb site and try the arcade mod :-)

but only Traditional_Chinese, sorry, because i have no time to convert English language
sorry for my poor english...

I got a problem about the highest score,
I'm upgrade arcade mod from the old arcade mod

old arcade mod no have the highest
i changed it to the new version,
but the highest score display incorrect
for example
Arcade.php show the topscore in Simon is Player "Hank"
but in arcade_ranking.php the Player "Hank" just No.24 ......

How do i fix the bug?
I guess it's newscore.php and Database problem....... please help help me ......

Thanks smile

thanks a lot,
and how can i set all users "no save password"? can i?

I get a problem,
how can i let my punbb auto logout when user leave computer?
if no logout, many people can use the account ,
i think it is dangerous,
so how can i solve the problem? thanks thanks thanks:P