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Kennel wrote:

Nice! And yeah, we would love a mod smile

Okay, I'll fix it up as a mod wink

And validation is harder than you'd think ... Especially for XHTML. I was thinking of modding PunBB 1.1 myself to conform with XHTML 1.0 and have most of XHTML 1.1 covered too, outside of the correct XHTML mime-type ? due to limitations with IE, you can't set the mime type to application/xhtml+xml and only with some versions of XHTML 1.0 can you send XHTML as text/html, see XHTML Media Types (W3C Note 1 August 2002) for details.

However it's occurred to me since that you would have to parse all user input and ensure the correct encoding is used (In this example, you'd either have to change the encoding to unicode or change my post, to validate.)

Kennel wrote:

Edit: Forgot to answer the question. No, I will probably stick to using tables for now. At least for 1.2.

Yet another problem: To use XHTML you should use tables solely for tabular data, like spreadsheets and never for layout/presentational purposes, since that's what CSS is there for. Seriously, is there any reason not to switch from tables to CSS? Maybe I'll try just giving the plain-vanilla PunBB 1.1 a complete CSS makeover, I was planning to anyway ...


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Hello to anyone who's considering PunBB for their forums! It's very fast and easy to mod ;) As I'm interested in web standards and would love to see my favourite open source forum software completely redesigned with standards, I started converting it to CSS. Ps21 took my initiative and decided to remove some of the unnecessary tables and HTML, while leaving a basic, barebones table for layout. Altogether, we're working on new ideas to make PunBB better. Download PunBB if you haven't already, or try some forum mods ;)


Below is the continuation of a discussion on web standards and my PunBB CSS redesign (still in progress) that started on a thread about PunBB 1.1's new features.

Kennel wrote:

PunBB 1.2 will output valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Will you keep using tables for layout purposes?

Also, I've just finished adding [flash] and [ascii] tags to my forum. For the flash tag, width and height are required, but they can be in any order. ASCII will wrap a div with a style attribute around the ascii art to change the font to Courier New, or another monospaced font. Below is a sample taken from a test signature:

[flash width=300 height=120]http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/triggerpages_mmcom/flash.swf[/flash]
[flash height=120 width=300]http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/triggerpages_mmcom/flash.swf[/flash]
[ascii] _____ __             _
|_   _/  \__ __ _____| |_  _
  | || () \ V  V / -_) | || |
  |_| \__/ \_/\_/\___|_|\_, |

I also added an option in profile for show_flash and an entry in the users table for show_flash ? both similar to show_img. After a bit more testing, it might make a nice mod =D

I used the Flash Satay method mentioned above, however in Internet Explorer it incorrectly waits to download the full flash file before starting playback, so I may want to modify it further and add an admin option to choose between the standards compliant mode for smaller flash files or the bloated object/embed combo that flash will export by default.

So far, PunBB has been a joy for modding, everything is logical and the naming is consistent.
I think I've fallen in love with a PHP script ;)



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Kennel wrote:

The setting doesn't affect admins and mods. Log out and you will see that it doesn't display it. However, as you pointed out, the post count doesn't show up in viewtopic even as admin, so that's a bug though. I'll fix it.
I'm planning some kind of module system for the admin interface in PunBB 1.2. Once that's in place, making a statistics module should be easy.

Great wink

Kennel wrote:

What you could do is to add two new BBCode tags: [flash] and [ascii] (or something). It shouldn't be that hard.

I was just about to reply saying I'll just use my own custom [flash] and [ascii] tags, having thought about it further yesterday. I'll start working on it now. Maybe I'll try using the Flash Satay method of embedding Flash. Is PunBB Standards-compliant? (What are web standards and why should I use them?) I've already noticed it's using tables, but it's also using some CSS ...


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Kennel wrote:
CSpotkill wrote:

And it would be great if I could filter based on email preference, ie. disabled, but allow form, enabled, etc. That way I could see how many people use the new feature ...

I can see how that would be interesting in some cases. However, if I add that, I fear I must also add the option to sort by all the other option fields in the profile. I'm a bit sceptical on this.

How about adding an Admin: Statistics page, with pie charts for email preference, style usage, user post counts and maybe graphs for post frequency, user post count vs date registered, instant messenger preference, hourly forum usage and a list of terms people searched for?

Kennel wrote:

... [T]here is nothing stopping people from doing "evil things" when HTML is enabled. They could for example just enter </table> in their signature and then the whole page layout would be messed up. They could also use the script tag to run JavaScripts and other undesirable things.

I know. It's a lot easier to simply allow some tags ... or to restrict it. I'm thinking of using the avatar scripts and making a variation for signature images, maybe allowing flash to be uploaded as well. All people wanted the HTML for was to post a Flash signature, or to use ASCII art. Creating options for both in Profile and keeping HTML disabled would be more secure. Any plans on doing this, or should I write a mod?


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I just hid the user post count in Admin: Options. It said it would affect the user list (see below), but the new user list still shows post counts for each person. It does remove the post count in topic view, however.

Show user post count
Show the number of posts a user has made (affects topic view, profile and userlist).


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In admin_users.php, there's no field to search for MSN Messenger wink

And it would be great if I could filter based on email preference, ie. disabled, but allow form, enabled, etc. That way I could see how many people use the new feature ...

Finally, some are complaining about the lack of HTML in their sigs. (I enabled it in 1.0.1 but it's disabled now and the option's disappeared.) The perfect solution, in my mind, would be to have some kind of "trusted" level, not moderators, but a level to allow HTML in sigs, and possibly in posts as well. Of course, if I could just re-enable HTML in everyone's sigs, that would be a good compromise. wink


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Cactuz wrote:

"Show new posts since last visit" isn't a new feature either.

It would be more useful if there was an option to show the new posts underneath the new threads, maybe with a java/CSS toggle. New posts would be hidden by default, you'd click a thread and poof, the new posts would appear right underneath using display:none to hide them on load, and javascript to set display:inline on click ... maybe with up/down arrows to read the beginning of the thread and a box to make a reply in. Hmm, I'm getting interested in this, maybe when 1.1 is finally released I'll try modding the Show new posts page wink

The point: You don't have to worry about reading every post in every forum that's unread before the new post markings disappear (while you're writing a reply to a post, for example) and it would be faster than clicking on a thread, finding the new posts, reading them then scrolling all the way down to reply, clicking back, remembering where you were at, clicking the next thread, and so on ...


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Well ... I didn't expect it to actually parse the code inside of a code tag.

What I did was attempt to post the invalid quote tags inside of a code tag to show you ... it returend an error about missing the starting code tag. But I had written both starting and ending code tags and as far as I could tell, this should have been valid BBcode.

Sure the quote tag was invalid, but it was INSIDE the code tag and therefore shouldn't have affected the code tag itself, correct? So why return an error about the code tag? If you must parse the inside of a code tag, why not tell me it's an error with the quote tag?

Hmm .... Maybe it's me, I can't seem to quite reproduce it exactly, again ... bah. Forget it. It's probably just me, trying to nest two code tags and somehow cancelling out the second code tag, leaving an orphaned code end tag ...


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Kennel wrote:
CSpotkill wrote:

Edit: Damn, even trying to show what I did, gives me "The BBCode syntax in the message is incorrect. Missing start tag for [/code.]"

Well, the new quote syntax comes with a price. Usernames cannot contain a square bracket and a singlequote and a doublequote at the same time. You cannot register with a username containing all those characters. The reason is that if usernames were allowed to contain them all, there would be no way to determine when the username stops and the quote starts.

Getting a message stating that the BBCode syntax is incorrect when trying to quote a user called ?"?Test\""[]["]?"? is expected because there can be no such user smile It is possible to make up an illegal username and quote it, but it will not look good.

I understand and figured that was the "excuse" roll Still, it was kind of confusing to put all that inside a code tag, but it wouldn't let me post it because I was "missing the start tag" of code! I had the start tag of code, it was quote that had the error. Why didn't it just post it or say, Invalid Quote Syntax or similar ...


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Frank H wrote:
CSpotkill wrote:

Yeah, at most, I'd say you've about 60000 rows and 7 MB of non-attachments wink

... without the attachments the actual byte size isn't that large ... hmm... the table with most rows is the forum_serach_matches ... with a staggering 131 977 rows ... I guess it mean that one have long posts or something wink

Well, I stand corrected. Anyway, search_matches is huge for me as well, over 70% of the database is just for the search feature. I guess I've smaller, yet more frequent posts than in your forum. Interesting. wink


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In 2 weeks, I've 36 registered users, 112 topics and 1347 posts.
OS: Windows Server 2003/IIS6      PHP: 4.3.3      DB: MySQL 4.0.17-nt    Rows: 30668     Size: 1.48 MB

The only problem I've noticed with PunBB is that sometimes my cookie times out before I can reach all of the replies on the forum and other times I've read every thread but it's still marked the entire board unread. Grr...

I'd say we need an easier way to view all the new posts, though I found clicking on the date of the last post and getting to it is helpful. [Edit: Just saw the New Posts link ... that's very useful, but not exactly what I'm looking for ... ]

I think the Show_New search should show not just the threads, but the new posts themselves, all on one page. Maybe have seperate iframes, to scroll up and re-read the thread, as well as a reply box for each thread, beside the thread's iframe perhaps. Because when your forums are getting tons of posts each hour, it's hard to keep up ... and having the cookie timeout before you finish reading all the replies is annoying, then you have to figure out for yourself what you haven't read yet and inevitably some threads fall through the cracks.

Frank H wrote:

This forum has 9 registered users, 337 topics and 4627 posts.
Rows: 156577
Size: 177.97 MB
But it's the files that does the size of it, the "attach_data.MYD" file is 171 MB big_smile

Yeah, at most, I'd say you've about 60000 rows and 7 MB of non-attachments wink


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Kennel wrote:


Feel free to play around in the test forum. Especially concerning the new quote syntax.

Yeah, one thing I don't like about the new quote syntax: Before, you could move the quote all to one line, now you can't. Could you adjust this in a stylesheet or template? Like making quotes start right after the semi-colon (and a space), or move the quote author info to the bottom-right of the box (with CSS perhaps?). Besides that, it makes quoting multiple people a lot more intuitive.

Quote Testing wrote:


'''"""\"\' Random[ wrote:




Nested2 wrote:
Nested3 wrote:

Does it work? Yes!

New lines ...

Aww, it can't do four nested quotes. Then again, it couldn't before either. (I assume this is a feature.)

Hmm ... how would I quote someone with a ] in their name? Or if I wanted to use a ] character?

Test\""[][ wrote:

"]Does it work?

Ah perfect. Double quotes work to get [] characters. Interesting, it doesn't end with a double quote character, but seems to end after a "] sequence. Then again, random fiddling gave me the error: "The BBCode syntax in the message is incorrect. Missing one or more end tags for [quote.]" when I did this:

Edit: Damn, even trying to show what I did, gives me "The BBCode syntax in the message is incorrect. Missing start tag for [/code.]"

What I did was ... oh never mind, I just sent you an email...


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Kennel wrote:

... until tomorrow.

At this rate, it would be like winning the lotto if it was released tomorrow =p

Then again, maybe not. I'd give 7-to-1 odds he doesn't finish it tomorrow, just to do one last test or maybe a week-long spell check wink

Edit: Ooooh. I just noticed the version number for the forums now, it's Version: 1.1 ... talk about getting my hopes up! smile


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Kennel wrote:

I'd wait a day or two though. PunBB 1.1 is practically finished.

Yes. I noticed ...

I just bought a book on debugging (I'm doing programming of my own on the side) so I certainly know how tough it is to release a high quality piece of software.

Now, the $64,000 question: Will you give in to the pressure and work on it on New Years' Eve to make the "day or two" deadline? smile

Also, PunBB could use some themed-smilies, eg. blue smilies for the blue-hued themes. Hmm. That would be a quick mod, I'd say. But again, I'll wait 'till 1.1 first big_smile (Oh the suspense, I've been checking back for weeks now ... )


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Yes, the suspense is agonizing!


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Kennel wrote:

Cool! If you want to, you could make mods out of some of these changes. I know buttons for bbcode when posting (like in many other forum software) is a frequently requested feature.

Yeah, I just saw the SDK. Maybe I will wink It's just that it's all intertwined with the rest of my site's design at the moment. So it might take me awhile to sort it all out and make a slightly stripped down mod-version ...


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Seems to be down now (at time of this posting). Below is the response my Microsoft ISA server gave me. Maybe my server cached the DNS (if it changed) or something ...

10060 - Connection timeout
Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Technical Information (for support personnel)

    * Background:
      When the server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, contacted the upstream content server, it did not receive a timely response.

Oh and btw, Kennel, I just love PunBB. It's great for modding to fit any website, since the code is relatively clean and easy to understand, with just the essential features. (I like adding my own Javascript extras, like buttons with dropdowns for writing posts, but it's great to have a clean slate to start with)


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Try downloading and installing Winsock 2: (This may only apply to Windows 95)
http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/down … efault.asp

Otherwise I'd also recommend reinstalling TCP/IP and Dial-Up Networking, so since you don't have the original OEM disk or anything, you're kinda screwed. Maybe you could try this.

Though there's a quick solution to all your Win98 troubles ...