prozente wrote:

should be trivial to do, if you know php, using this class will help greatly

and you have to mod the login.php!

@prozente nice page smile

i want to build three links: for three subforums, to display their newest post ?!
i hope you understand me ?!

HI dudes !

Is it possible (or maybe anyone other asked a similiar question) to change the function of "Show new posts since last visit" a little bit.
I want to display only the newest posts from a special sub forum, not the complete forums i have.
For example you have three languages and only want to display the english, not german, not french ... ?

Do you think it is possible ?


big problem --- little solution
thanks so mutch

look at your admin panel : options > base_url
is this correct ?

oh yes thanks i will do it

hey peolpe !

after the transfering of sql and php data to my new server i have a terrible problem.
at my table topic i see my entry with subject "favicon" and its id=182
the forum_id of this entry is correct, too - i have to say!

i see a at the table posts with my sql statement SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE topic_id =182 exactly 13 entries. It seems to be right.

But now: if i go into the forum (with my firefox) and visit the special topic "favicon" , i will see only 7 answers?

Sometimes the first entry is missing .....

all in all the id's seem to be right, but when i look into the forum i am missing different entries.
i don't touch / change anything in the sql database!

does anybody have an idea?

so long