elbekko wrote:

I'd think you didn't migrate your users...

Huh, Can you explain please. And can i somehow fix this problem, Like restore the databse manual?

Hello, today i were testing something out, i installed another punbb forums on my server and tryed if i cud run two forums.. I tryed to restore the database backup file on the new forums and now my first forums dosnt works it says:

"Unable to fetch guest information. The table 'foo__users' must contain an entry with id = 1 that represents anonymous users."


Can anyone help me please, I got the punbb_db_backup file !

Oh got damn Thanks alot it worked perfect!

How could i make so moderators cant view members ip adresses.


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Tim wrote:

Nice! big_smile  Looks cool (and nice site, by the way)..



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The forums is based on the site Awtips, Which is a fansite for a rpg game.

Website: http://www.awtips.com/

Forums: http://www.awtips.com/forums/index.php

Thanks alot to this community and punres.org community!

pogenwurst wrote:

You should use this code instead:

    if ($pun_config['o_avatars'] == '0' || $pun_user['g_id'] == 8)
        message($lang_profile['Avatars disabled']);

so that if you ever disable avatars globally, it will still function correctly.

Oh thanks! tongue

Is it possible to only allow a certain usergroup to upload an avatar.

The title says it all.


Nevermind, i figured it out!

I changed the


if ($pun_config['o_avatars'] == '0')
        message($lang_profile['Avatars disabled']);

In Profile.php



    if ($pun_user['g_id'] == 8)
        message($lang_profile['Avatars disabled']);


If anyone wanted to know..

Thanks alot! Its worked perfect for me, Check it out at:

Rickard wrote:

There's no built-in support for that, but you could create your own PHP-script. Something like this:

if ($pun_user['g_id'] == 4)  // Replace 4 with the id of the group in question
    // output your announcement markup here

And put this script it in the include/user/ folder and then include it from your template via pun_include.

Well, I dont understand so much about what you said but i am going to try tongue

Thanks rickard !:P

Yeah is it possible to make so the Announcement only be visible for a certain usergroup.

And is it easy to make a certain usergroup having a bold username.


Topic says it all.

I installed the PunBB forums into my host and it works great and it got the version 1.2.12.

Now im going to transfer my old MyPunbb forums and i downloaded that backup file from DB management, but what i do with it? And does it works if i got the version 1.2.9, Or how do i make it work..

Hope you understand, Thanks!